Steel Plated Seraph Knight

By UltraEM on October 24th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
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My Guardian, Valeria, in a clean and simple yet elegant full plate armor getup (though there are some gaps so it's not really "full" haha). I just really like the look of plain steel plates. Wanted to evoke a blend of a Seraph Captain and a European knight, so I went with the Luminous Cuirass + Warlord's Gauntlets - they look very close to historical armor pieces. The Luminous Cuirass is probably my favorite heavy armor piece in the game; it's so pretty!! I only wish it came with some upper arm protection though (like a rerembrace or padded/mail shirt) instead of just a cloth undershirt.

I wanted to have Warlord's Greaves as well but just couldn't get the colors to mesh well with the Protector's Chausses. Pit Fighter's Helm goes really well with this set as an open-faced alternative to the Council Guard Helm (see the other pics). I know it's easier to do a European-style full-plate knight look with a human male (cuz they get the cool Phalanx armor design) but I don't have a soldier-class human male :(

Armor: Council Guard Helm, Protector's Shoulderplates+Chausses+Footgear, Luminous Cuirass, Warlord's Gauntlets

Dyes: Fluff, Steel, Ivory, Taupe, Natural, Perseverance

Weapons: Gallant Hammer, Luminous Flange, Luminous Labrys, Seraph Shield


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