A Vision from CANTHA

By ieva on September 14th, 2020
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Gender: Male
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Color: Multi
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When I was visiting my aunt in Divinity's Reach, I was always fascinated by a picture in the hallway. My aunt told me that it shows my great-great grandfather. He was Imperial Guardsman and lived in Cantha many years ago. She also told me that there are many books about Cantha in the library. Last night, before I went to sleep, I wanted to pick up a book and learn about Cantha, the far-off land of my ancestors. I went to the bookshelf, grabbed a big old book... and then suddenly I had a vision. My great-great grandfather suddenly stood before me.

He told me about Cantha. Cantha, also known as the Empire of the Dragon, is a vast empire located in the southwest of the continent of Tyria and the sunken Battle Isles.
He talked about Kisu, who was a popular emperor, and was considered very folksy and caring. About Shiro Tagachi, who brought the plague. The empire and especially the densely populated Kaineng suffered greatly from the plague, and the emperor's medical and military resources were not used to contain the plague. Later it turned out that Shiro's goal was to kill the emperor himself, as his blood helped him to regain his mortal form. Kisu could just about be saved by his brother Togo and the new alliance of Kurzick and Luxon, even though Togo lost his life in the process. He told me that he was in the Imperial Guard. The members of the Imperial Guard were ordered to protect the Canthan Emperor Kisu. They can be found all over the Canthan continent, their main area of duty being the city of Kaineng. They also function as ambassadors between the enemy Kurzick and Luxon.

I heard his stories about Kaineng City, Raisu Palace, Vizunah Square, Kuunavang - an ancient dragon lady who slept in a vortex of magical energy under the Harvest Temple. Also about Shing Jea Island, Echovald Forest and The Jade Sea until dawn, until I fell asleep... When I woke up, the midday sun was shining and I was holding an old book in my lap. I don't remember if I only dreamed about it or if my great-great grandfather was in the library... One day I will visit Cantha. This is what my great-great-grandfather foretold me...
Cantha was my favorite part in GW1. So I thought I'd do some Canthan-inspired look for my character.
I was inspired by imperial guardsmen from GW (Imperial Guardsman GW1: https://i.imgur.com/TZ0Em5G.jpg). My goal was not to make it 1:1 identical, but to use it as inspiration. I used Dragon's Jade weapons to enhance the impression. The colors red and gold were already present in the armor of the Imperial Guard, I added black.

Since there are no Cantha-like areas in GW2 yet (except for the festival and some deco objects in GH), here I use some original screens from GW...

I hope you like my vision of Cantha
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Armor Dyes: https://i.imgur.com/HEYJPZA.jpg


Great job!! Loved the screensots
2020-09-18 2:52

I thank you :)
2020-09-18 6:26 in reply to N00TURNO

Wow! This is fantastic. Excellent job on the pics..
2020-10-03 4:12

glad you like it :)
2020-10-05 18:23 in reply to hollykat93