SIGHTSEEING in the Free City of Amnoon

By ieva on September 5th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Vacation time in Tyria. This is when trade show visitors, tourists, companies and organizations come to discover the Crystal Desert city. Either by ship, on a tour across Crystal Desert . Or they book private tours to special places. But of course there are also the bored guests, who let the tour pass with empty faces or fall asleep as soon as they are sitting comfortably in the saddle of Reittier. In such cases I try to provide nice entertainment without many numbers or details.
The Free City of Amnoon is a port town that was once called The Amnoon Oasis. Previously a tiny town that was the last refuge for adventurers before heading into the Crystal Desert, it is now situated near the base of the redirected Elon River before it flows into the Sea of Elon and has become a large, bustling Elonian city. It was rebuilt by Corsairs as a city for Elonians that wished to live freely from Palawa Joko's empire. Ever since Joko's rise, defectors that manage to escape his walled empire have fled here to Amnoon.
The provider I work for has its own library where you can borrow books to read up on. There is also a script that all guides should roughly follow. Sometimes you have to change the route because of a construction site, for example. In this case it is helpful to check in the library or to have a look at one or two other houses. You can also bring your own interests and special knowledge into the tour. Because the guides come from different professions, every tour is a little bit different.
I like the new Lorekeeper weapon skins very much, especially the staff as a leafing book. Based on this I created a new look. Since a while I wanted to use Elegant Scribe's Backpack as well. Here it fits perfectly into the theme. A City Guide, a Lorekeeper, a Scribe...
Since the weapons are decorated with paper ribbons, I chose Inquest Breeches, which also have similar ribbons. The compass pictures are also very suitable for the theme. I also liked the new chest part from Birthday Box. I love this choker and shoulder details so much that I didn't want to cover them with shoulder armour. When I was looking for a headdress, I spontaneously decided to use Marshal's Spearmarshal's Cowl (maybe because my character has an elonic look), but you could also use something else.

I hope you like my City Guide.

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Armor Dyes:
Weapons: Lorekeeper Greatsword + Lorekeeper Staff + Lorekeeper Focus
Back Item: Elegant Scribe's Backpack


Absolutely beautiful! She looks stunning, the dye job is lovely and fits the weapons very well. Her face is adorable, I love both with and without the headpiece. The screens are great too, awesome work overall!
2020-09-05 12:39

Thanks for a nice compliment!
2020-09-05 14:04 in reply to Pattou

You really go the extra mile with your looks. Great screenshots, refreshing looks, plus the descriptions are always a pleasure to read. Gold for sure.
2020-10-23 6:35

What a nice feedback! Thanks
2020-10-24 20:29 in reply to Lith