Akhunma the midnight dragon

By Byongp on September 4th, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Fashion Collector
Ok, I am unimaginative about any kind of narration. Your story is not funny, not interesting, not poetic and doesn't tell me anything. The screens are ok, but due to all the side effects (infusions) there are no details to be seen, although the armor mix by itself I find quite nice. Unfortunately this is not more than silver
Take it easy, that's just one of the typical troll comments on this page. Not mine. You put it in here because you probably like to run with that look. I like. There is shiny metal on every part so it is consistent. Of course, I wish you to get your event shoulder straps next year.
2020-09-18 22:43

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