A Birthday GIFT

By ieva on August 30th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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A Birthday Gift is an item received by a character once the character reaches their birthday; That was the idea for this presentation. GW2 turned 8 years old, so I made it a children's birthday party:)
With my pictures I tell a story about a schoolgirl who is looking for a birthday present for her best friend. First she tries to paint a picture. Then she thinks about giving a little cat to her. She even chose one and tied an orange bow around her neck. But she rejects this gift idea because her friend already has a pet, a cute rabbit... She asks her older brother for advice. He says that a birthday present must be magical. So she goes to her father and asks if he could give her some silver. As soon as she gets the money, she runs to the oriental market and negotiates with elonian seller. She buys a magic lamp, because a birthday present must be magical...When there is still some silver left over, she gets some wrapping paper and packs the magic lamp. And then, when she wants to hand over her gift, the magic happens... The wrapped lamp starts to burn...
When I created these two looks, I wanted to use all the in-game kids' stuff, like Bringer's Wrapped (Skins) Torch, Virtual Box, etc.

So all the best to the GW2 birthday and have fun watching my version of Party!

More Kids Birthday Party Outfits: https://i.imgur.com/4zksDvu.jpg
============== Apparently the page still doesn't work properly, can't use colors / armor parts tool at the moment========================
Armor Dyes: https://i.imgur.com/DWy6p6S.jpg
In collaboration with morv (https://gw2style.com/profile.php?id=19734)


Fashion Guru
Ty for the gift :heart:
2020-08-30 19:03