By ieva on August 12th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Weeks later, a writer disappeared, leaving a message on his desk:
"A figure with eyes like will-o'-the-wisp is hunting us. A very disturbing sight. This new adversary has something human in him. A few shards of ordinary life. She appears to be a hunter. I have met many different creatures in this place, but this one is the first with a natural ability to hunt. In any other place it could be considered a talent. But her knack for tracking, capturing and killing is a little different here. There's something else in her too, something seems to be looking for her.
This thing moves as a shadow, appears and disappears at the sound of this terrible bell. She, or rather it, seems to be able to move invisibly. Several times it has captured me without me even seeing it. Often convinced that I have covered my back, the thing has materialized right behind me to attack from a short range. So stay calm and watch the fog. Sometimes it is possible to see the shimmer as it glides forward looking for more prey."
This look was created with the appearance of White Mantle Elite Guard Mask. Yeah, that was a long time ago. Didn't have the time or the character for it somehow. So just now with new back item, I tried this look.
My goal was mysterious creature that glows. So besides mask and spectral staff I used Requiem Walker to enhance the effect. When I was thinking about shoulders and chest, I found Carapace Vestments combined with Racing Scarf, which looks like there is a loop in the fabric. For the skirt I used Trapping of the Lich, because the flittering bands complement the chest and scarf.
I chose this hairstyle because it best blurs the masks edges and looks like real face. Since my character has very dark skin, almost all armor parts are dark colored, only some accents are matching the staff in Oasis color.
I hope you like my Spectral Beings
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Armor Dyes:
Other colour variations:
Weapon: Spectral Staff
Back Item: Spellforged Backpack


Fashion Guru
I'm always surprised at how you make old things look new. The mask, the shoes are well chosen. The chest piece and scarf idea is really good, it looks like a one-piece. And the screen where she's lying dead and radiating that spectral energy is also great.
2020-08-13 8:13

Fashion Guru
Wow, thats a pretty nice idea :heart:
2020-08-13 8:39

My thanks for nice compliments!
2020-08-13 12:48

I love how eerie she is. Love the last screen!
2020-08-16 12:10

Last screen was a spontaneous idea :) Thanks for compliments!
2020-08-17 3:36 in reply to Syvera