Rajarr Karurson - The Khan-Ur

By Karuran Legionwoker on June 28th, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Silver
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4 2
1 1
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"There has been only one true Khan-Ur, whose name is never mentioned and is only referred to as "the Khan-Ur." The Khan-Ur unified the warbands and had the charr spread throughout the northern reaches of their homeland down into the lands east of the Shiverpeak Mountains. In the early days of the charr empire, the united warbands subjugated or destroyed any and all who dared defy them within their territories with the exception of the Forgotten and the dwarves. With dominance, however, came the inevitable problems. Internal strife, reckless power-mongering, and brutal feuds threatened to tear apart this otherwise secure empire. Only the strong personality of the Khan-Ur kept the charr from falling into squabbling factions."

Gaze of The Khan-Ur - Steel,Murky Gray,Charcoal,Ebony
Barbaric Pauldrons - Steel,Silver Lead,Tarnished Steel
Scallywag Chest - Stone,Steel,Tarnished Steel
Legion Fists - Fluff,Steel,Ebony
Legion Tassets - Dust,Steel,Tarnished Steel
Warband Boots - Fluff,Silver Lead,Tarnished Steel
Dynamics Projector Module
Citadel Assault Pack - Silver Lead,Ebony

The Predator
Claw of the Khan Ur x2
Legionnaire Maul
Legionnaire Axe x2
Legionnaire Warhorn
Legionnaire Mace
Legionnaire Sword
Legionnaire Shield
Fiery Dragon Sword
Steel Warband Flamesaw


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