The Macaw Mesmer (updated look)

By LadyLou on June 27th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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This one is an updated look of my Chrono mesmer. This look is solely based around the Macaw wings backpack with a more super hero based theme to it. I like to think that she spends her days meeting people round Divinity's Reach/Queensdale helping out local residents with any and all bandit problems. She was a former noblewoman who left her high life for life among the common folk. She is always around to help those in need. Know to locals now as The Macaw Mesmer.

Trickster's Mask
Masquerade Mantle
Phoenix Vest
Illustrious Wristguards
Feathered Pants
Sorcerer's Shoes
Macaw's Wings
Cherry, Ruby Red, Banana and Blueberry.

Weapon skis:
Super Sword/ Shield


I think that here is best your presentation! Finally red hair, which also fits perfectly to the armor colors/ Macaw theme. The only criticism are your weapons (I guess there are some that fit better, so spontaneously I think of Gold Fractal weapons). Yet you have my gold :)
2020-06-29 19:16

Thank you for the actually nice comment xD In terms of weapons, I like these, they are fun and also have the same Blue/Yellow/Red colour combo on them, I also only have a few of the gold fractal weapons none of which are suitable for chrono!
2020-06-30 6:28 in reply to ieva

Amazing look! A great change of pace to look at, when so many people (um... me...) tend to dye everything black & white.
2020-06-30 9:57