By ieva on June 1st, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Multi
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Around the year 100 after Christ, there was peace in most parts of the Roman Empire. The citizens are enjoying themselves. Too well! Many are craving for sensations. And the Colosseum in the centre of Rome, the empire's most modern arena, is the right place for this. Muscle-packed fighters, gladiators, are the stars of the ring and - bloodthirsty big cats like lions, tigers and leopards
The tiger goes a long way - but Maximus can avoid the blow of his mighty paw at the last moment. Before the animal can pursue it, it is pulled away on a chain...
The encounter of the big cat from India with Russell Crowe as swordsman is one of the most famous scenes in Ridley Scott's sandal movie "Gladiator". However, it is highly doubtful whether a tiger was actually used as a mere accessory in a fight between two swordsmen. Because even in ancient Rome, unlike lions, tigers were a real rarity. And the fights between professionals followed their own strict rules.
This was due to its value. Lions that lived in packs in North Africa, in the Roman provinces, were much easier to get and therefore much cheaper. The sight of the striped big cats was therefore reserved for the visitors of the capital city arenas.

Today the keeping of animals in circuses is considered controversial. Some directors therefore give their big cats to animal welfare activists, who release them in special parks, for example in South Africa. The era of the tigers as the main attraction of mass entertainment is likely to come to an end.
A little cosplay, a little history. The look is very simple and made of older pieces of armor. Since I didn't find anything similar here on GWStyle, today I present my Gladiator (fight with Tiger). The armor colors are classic, I find the chest part harmonizes nicely with the leg dress, especially the transition from fabric to the skirt part as if it was a one-piece. As weapons I use Hero's Shield and an unpretentious sword.
I hope you like my arena fight story.
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Armor Dyes:
In collaboration with morv ( as a Tiger (Endless Mystery Cat Tonic)


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Absolutely love it!
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I'm glad, thank you!
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Amazing job there :)
2020-06-04 15:02

Thanks for compliment :)
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