Golden Scholar

By ThinChips on May 23rd, 2020
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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Yaslith had been an avid lover of all things shiny since she was a sapling. Shiny metal, shiny fabric, shiny guts stuffed into the bulging remains of a reanimated flesh golem. So of course when she became the renowned necromancer minion master she is now, she had to look fabulous while doing it.
Head- Winged Headpiece
Shoulders- Cabalist Shoulders
Chest- Heritage GreatCoat
Hands- Lightning-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves
Pants- Carapace Pants
Shoes- Mist Shard Walkers
Weapon- Saff of Fortune (Staff...duh)
Back Piece- Winged Lantern


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