Sylvari at his roots

By goldnugz on May 17th, 2020
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Yellow
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He's the commander, a fighter, a hunter, dragon slayer, champion of Glint, the hero of Tyria, slayer of Balthazar, protector of the people and vanquisher of evil. But at his core, he's a Sylvari.

So my main has gone through many a phase but this is my current one that I'm giving with. I toyed with capes and hoods in the last few pics to make him look a bit darker. Hope ya'll like it B)

Head: Wreath Of Cooperation - Green shade & Pink Ice / Subterfuge Hood - Sage & Antique Gold & White

Shoulders: Ebon Shoulders - Green Shade/Ash/Silver

Chest: Firstborn Coat - Dijon/Silver/Iron

Gloves: Spearmarshal's Vambraces - Antique Gold/Winter Sky/Silver

Legs: Glorious Legguards - Silver/Iron/Dijon

Boots: Bladed Boots - Burnished Steel/Walnut.

Cape: Kasmeer's cape - Green Shade/Green Shade/Silver/Evening Grass


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