Assassination Droid

By jensparkle on May 17th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Silver
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When Holosmith came out I knew the aesthetics of the spec wouldn't suit my existing Charr engineer so decided to create a new character to really embrace the futuristic bent of the Holosmith. What better than an android?

I found the leg pieces the hardest to get right - most (including the ones I ended up going with) aren't truly skin tight and show some gathering of the fabric around the knees.

I'm also still not convinced by the Chaos Gloves - they're a little too bright. I did flirt with the Bladed Vambraces for a while but again, not quite right. If anyone has any suggestions?

Gloves aside, I'm pretty happy with the result, and I LOVE her Dreadnought Raptor.

I'll specify armor as soon as I can get it to work - link seems to be broken atm. In the meantime, she's wearing:

Magitech Helmet - Celestial, Celestial, Silver, Silver
Strider's Tunic - Silver, Burnished Steel, Celestial
Chaos Gloves - Iron
Sneakthief Leggings - Silver, Burnished Steel, Silver
Carapace Boots - Silt, Silver, Celestial

Holographic Hunter
Ley Guard's Revolver

Backpack (not pictured)
Antitoxin Injector

Wild Magic Glider

Dreadnought Raptor - Burnished Steel, Charcoal, Permafrost, Silver


I don't know which skins you have available. So spontaneously I would suggest as pants: Falconer & Koda (have metal parts), Runic Hunter & Stalwart (have rivets), also worth mentioning are Emblazoned (looks a bit unusual because of patterns) or futuristically inspired Blossoming Mist Shards, Ornate Guild, Requiem. As for gloves, if you want something brighter, a milder version of Chaos Gloves would be Pyre (you can color it better), you can also watch Magitech, Viper's and Council, Luminous.
2020-05-17 9:26

Thanks for your suggestions ieva. I've had a look and the Stalwart leggings are fab! Sadly I don't have them so will need to force myself to WvW in order to get them. Likewise, the Pyre gloves seem a good shout (although they're not previewable in the wardrobe for some reason) but I'll have to wait for them to come around in the gemstore and hope I have spare cash at the time.

I'm a bit symmetry obsessed so can't abide gloves or shoulders that are asymmetrical, which unfortunately rules out a lot of otherwise decent skins.
2020-05-17 11:06 in reply to ieva