Slumbering Dryden

By Pyraxy on May 7th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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Armor & Dye :

Helmet: Luminous Heavy Warhelm (Battle Ready)
Dye: Midnight Blue, Wrath, Glossy Black, Gunmetal

Shoulders: Funerary Pauldrons
Dye: Charred, Midnight Blue, Ebony, Hydra

Chest: Inquest Breastplate
Dye: Glossy Black, Charred, Midnight Blue

Gloves: Carapace Gauntlets
Dye: Midnight Blue, Glossy Black, Charred

Leggings: Grasping Dead Legguards
Dye: Glossy Black, Midnight Blue

Boots: Glorious Wargreaves
Dye: Glossy Black, Zaffre

Maw of the damned (Axe) w/ a ghostly infusion
Awakened Shield (Shield)

= Weapon Swap =

Bolt (Sword)
Awakened Focus (Focus)

I separated the Ghostly Infusion from Bolt to prevent too much visual noise from occurring on this set because I have recently grown to resent the absurd noise from a lot of peoples outfits.

With that out of the way the Shoulder's are a skin that can be acquired from a PoF collection achievement that would take roughly an afternoon's worth of participating in events.

I'm not one for writing lore but I do like making outfits, will work on a Norn Medium armor style next.



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