Weaving the future

By Lyka on April 19th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Tyria is no safe anymore, at least at times like now. The more you know the worst you feel seems so. The Durmand Priory and I share same objectives and after so many years they still provide me help and knowlegde. Who would know Magister Sieran had so many influence. Everyone here knows how I feel... Hours, hours and hours reading and no conclusions but questions, until now. A letter from Zommoros said: "Hello old friend, I probably have some information about what you're looking for but it's not free."
Who would know the "price" was meeting Isgarren. It's not like I don't know where to find him but how I "can" meet him. I didn't know about his personality but he was like me, a seeker of knowledge, starving for more truths. I knew the perfect bait, the Shining Blade itself. All that magic and history. Who would ressist? Asking Queen Jennah kindly was not an option so I got to be the villain this time, stealing the precious weapon from Kryta, becoming a traitor for the time being, for a better future...


Fashion Guru
Such a good look! It's so cohesive and I love the neutral cape you added to it!
2020-04-23 6:05

Thank you very much! :D
2020-04-23 10:15 in reply to TheKimmynator

I love the whole look.
Can you link the items names?
2020-06-22 20:56

The main pieces are "Aetherblade Light Vest", "Aristocrat's Pants", "Ascalonian Performer Gloves" and "Aetherblade Light Shoe". And why main? All these skins have something like metal buttons where i use silver dyes but you can try it with gold or something with metal visual effect. Head and shoulders is up to you, where you can give personality to the character.
2020-06-24 14:53 in reply to dougbittencourt