By ieva on March 29th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Red
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*Das TANZMARIECHEN (german) little Marie danseuse in the Cologne Carnival
The Tanzmariechen is a traditional figure in carnival which goes back to the former sutlers and initially only appeared in the Rhineland (Germany). As synonymous terms, spark(n)mariechen and regiment daughter are also used (e.g. in the Prinzen-Garde or Guard of honour in the Cologne Carnival). The Tanzmariechen role was originally played exclusively by men. Due to concessions made by the carnivalists to the National Socialists, they were replaced by women for fear of transvestism.

The typical clothing is often based on the outer clothing on 18th century uniforms: tricorn, wig with braided braids, boots, uniform with jacket and trousers. A short dress with a wide, partly pleated skirt part later replaced the trousers. This looks like a separate skirt under the jacket, but it cannot slip. For the same purpose the partly visible underwear consists of a thick shiny pantyhose in dark skin tone with white leotard over it. Optionally, a petticoat and lace or frilly panties in white are also available here.

These dancers practice in carnival or special guard dance clubs.

Today you can find dancing marvels in almost every carnival, fancy dress and carnival club in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland. They perform individually, in pairs with dance officers or with several of them in dance guards, often to marching or polka music, but meanwhile also to more modern music based on traditional music.

In the formation this is partly done with dance steps from the former girl dance, whereas in the solo dance elements from floor gymnastics (flickflack, balancing act) are inserted. In the meantime, however, acrobatic elements are common among the "professionals" also in guard dance.
For my new Warlord's armor ( WvW skirmish reward track) I created a new look, inspired by the recent Cologne carnival.
Here ( https://i.imgur.com/MyDZ37H.jpg ) you can see my model for armor mix as well as colors and armor parts.

I hope you have fun with my little Marie danseuse.
============== Apparently the page still doesn't work properly, can't use colors / armor parts tool at the moment========================
Weapon: Cavalier Staff


Fashion Guru
wow, real good. Like a real Tanzmariechen ^-^
2020-03-30 3:18

Yeah, with Warlord's head and chest armor, my old idea might work
2020-03-30 9:21 in reply to morv