A day with ice FISHING

By ieva on February 8th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Multi
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Some like it colder - and only really get lively at temperatures below zero degrees. They go on glacier ski tours even in summer, are the first on the mountain in fresh snow and the very last on the slopes in the evening. It can never be cold enough for them outdoors - whether at the snow bar, at a winter barbecue or snow camping.
Or a weekend of ice fishing in the Far Shiverpeaks wilderness of Bjora Marches.
A snow-covered lake surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama forms the backdrop for this original winter adventure. Together with my friend I open the hole in the ice and we throw out our fishing rods. The atmosphere and silence of the mountain lake make ice fishing a meditative break. Slowly the evening creeps over the polar scenery. Only the wind sometimes blows over distant rustle of wilderness crispers, which the dense fog has swallowed. Finally a string twitches. The fishing line bends, further, further and further. The fish fights for its life. Wants to flee, pulls and pulls, but has no chance. With a jerk, the shiny gold tuna fish lands in the snow. After all, dinner is served. At the campfire the grilled catch tastes best served with wild rice. Behind veils of clouds the pale sickle of the moon peeps out. But the reflection of the snow lets the light shine over the white desert like a festive illumination. Suddenly cones of light from flashlights ghost across the stiff lake..
This is my Story (*inspired by Still Waters Fishing Rod)
I have lived for a few years in countries where ice fishing is very popular (and I know it quite well). A few words of wisdom I can give away. As an ice-fisherman, you not only have to know how to catch fish, you also have to know the ice very well. Apart from that, the baiting is the first challenge, because you have to take off your thick gloves and attach the bait to the hooks on the fine fishing line with your bare hands. Or you can take off your gloves, dip your bare hand into the water, take the fish off the hook and put it back in the ice hole, from where it disappears into the depths. If you take the fish in your dry hand, you will damage its protective slime layer and it will die of infection. In addition, fish that are released again must never be put in the snow. If the water temperature is between zero and two degrees Celsius and the snow is minus 30 degrees, the fish would be burnt by it and it would be dead within hours or days.

As you can see on picture story, this is all about new fishing rods (staff). Originally solo look was intended... But I didn't have all the armor parts. So I had the idea with pair, which was not easier, because both sides were missing certain parts (desired armor parts).Besides the fishing rod (staff) I also wanted to integrate Celebration Hat, which I have never used before (somehow I discarded all previous ideas with it). I show 2 simple looks that not only harmonize well with each other, but are also wearable on their own. And of course a mix of both, like: Celebration Hat, Racing Scarf and Festive Sweater... Not in spite of this, I am satisfied with the result and I wish you like it too.
============== Apparently the page still doesn't work properly, can't use colors / armor parts tool at the moment========================
Weapon: Still Waters Fishing Rod.
In collaboration with morv (https://gw2style.com/profile.php?id=19734)


wowz. your themes are very original. I like them.
2020-02-10 9:38

Fashion Guru
you nailed it ;)
2020-02-10 15:11

Glad you like it :)
2020-02-11 1:52 in reply to Eremite

2020-02-11 1:53 in reply to Frans

so original! love the positioning in the screenshots. can't imagine how arduous that must have been doing it collaboratively lol
2020-02-19 14:43

We have already done several projects together and 2 characters in the picture has become almost routine. Here the challenge was to keep other players (and their skills effects) out of the screens, because during fishing event there was quite a lot going on
2020-02-20 9:12 in reply to aylaan

Fashion Guru
I really love this, it looks great, the screenshots are perfect, and it's so fun and funny. Thanks for creating it. Gold as usual!
2020-06-20 3:56