Karuran Legionwalker - The Charr Pact Commander

By Karuran Legionwoker on February 4th, 2020
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Karuran Legionwalker is a Blood Legion Soldier,his duty was to guard the old ascalonian tomb of Duke Barradin alongside his warband.
One day the Duke resurrected and decimated Karuran's entire warband, he was the only one who survived.
Later, with a small force lead by Rytlock Brimstone,the charr attacked the ghosts and assaulted the Duke's tomb... Karuran was the bulwark...
This is where his Story Began... 6 years ago.

During the battle, Karuran took the initiative and alongside Rytlock, defeated the Duke.
This earned Rytlock's Friendship and a promotion to Legionnaire.
While running missions with Rytlock, he eventually became a Tribune himself, tasked with leading the Blood Legion when Rytlock was away from Black Citadel.

Times passed and a raven arrived to Karuran... His friend was in danger in Lion's Arch and he needed assistance from the only charr he trusts!
Karuran left his duty as Tribune but couldn't arrive there without someone...
..so he decided to join the Vigil... Disguised as a simple Legionnaire.
He eventually arrived in Lion's Arch but it seemed it was too late... Rytlock was gone and vanished!
That's when he met Tybalt Leftpaw.
Karuran and Tybalt had the same goal: to find Rytlock, or it would have been a huge blow for The Legions... and for the Order of Whispers itself.
Using their connections, Tybalt and Karuran discovered that Rytlock ended up in the Far Shiverpeaks, kidnapped by Jormag's Forces to use Sohothin's Magic to enhance their icy powers.
The only sword that could face Sohothin was its twin sword...
Which was inside an old ascalonian tomb in the Plains of Ashford.
Tybalt and Karuran went there, and there they met Caithe and Eir Stegalkin.
The four together were able to find the Sword and with it, they went to the Far Shiverpeaks.
Caithe and Eir decided to join because Rytlock was their old guildmate from the now fractured Destiny's Edge Guild.
Karuran arrived in the Far Shiverpeaks and when they found Rytlock he was confused..
and frightened..
The Five together went and searched for Sohothin, using its twin sword as a magic tracker.
They found that it was posessed by one of the Svanir Shamans,
They Killed the Shaman which during the fight became an Icebrood Construct, and retrieved Sohothin.
That is when Sohothin and Karuran interacted, linking each other for the first time.
Time Passed and Tyria continued descending into total chaos:
The Risen Forces attacks were escalating.
Something had to be done!
Rytlock and Karuran went to the Vigil to ask for their support... General Almorra Soulkeeper was an old acquaintance of them both, so getting her Vigil's help was rather easy.
Karuran and Tybalt's Friendship allowed him to grant him an audience with the Master of Whispers, where he was able to recruit the Order as well.
To gain the Priory's help... ...the trickiest of the three Orders of Tyria, Karuran & Co. had to share knowledge with them.
"Damn Nerds" - Were the words of Karuran after he dealt with the Priory.
Making the three orders go along together was tough, but eventually he did succeed with the help of a Sylvari.
His name was Trahearne;
Meanwhile Tybalt helped Rytlock, Eir, and Caithe to get back to Logan and Zojja, the last two members of Destiny's Edge, so that they could restore Destiny's Edge for the fight against the Evil Zhaitan and his Risen Forces.
Trahearne and Karuran created what is known nowadays as The Pact.
Its purpose: To defeat anyone that could endanger Tyria and its Five Races.
The future was shady.. Uncertain.. did they have what it takes...?
The Pale Tree answered that question and after a journey into the Dream, Karuran was entrusted with Sylvari's Hopes:

Risen Forces made a surprise attack agaisnt Claw Island!
The newly formed Pact had to answer fire with fire.
They succeded but at a price...
Tybalt gave his Life during that fight.... his sacrifice allowed them to win.. and during that fight he entrusted Karuran his Rifle,
which proved to be usefull during the War against Palawa Joko; which happened years after these events.
The Pact was forged by their first battles and victories... but the war was not over..
..Years passed and Zhaitan was defeated, through the courage and sacrifices of the Soldiers in The Pact
But the fighting just began...

The Pact faced many wars ever since its creation.

The war against Mordremoth, hungry and determined to eat the entire world, where Trahearne, the Pact Marshal died to save Tyria.

The War against The Rogue God Balthazar, determined to burn the world and everyone who dared to oppose him, where Karuran defeated him in a very desperate battle, stealing and using The Immortal Emperor Palawa Joko's Brainless Army.
He also salvaged Balthazar's Soul and took his old Greatsword.

The War against Palawa Joko mentioned before:
He was angry and wanted vegeance against Karuran for using his Army, now free from Balthazar's Prison.

All these battles made the Pact strong and its Members stronger.
Rytlock gave his Sword Sohothin as a token of their Friendship to Karuran.. Afraid he wouldn't make it in the fights to come, and Imperator Smoudin himself, requested Karuran for a Ceremony, to reward him for his services to the Legions.

(Received new weapons too...)

He did help the Legions agaisnt their civil war against the Flame Legions after all.
He was also offered a position back as Tribune and a position inside the High Council.

During his travels he also made some new friends
such as his trusty raptor: Rex
and his skyscale, raised up using Kralkatorrik's Magic... Auudin.
What? You don't know who's Kralkatorrik?
Kralkatorrik was the fiercest of all the foes Karuran's Pact had to face.
During the Battle of the Field of Ruins He injured Karuran's Left Eye,
Shooting a branded lightning from above.
Eventually the Pact did manage to defeat him... with the help of a newborn Dragon that I'm sure you know from the stories..

Tyria calls him the Pact Commander.
His Pact still stands to this day, with the same purpose it was made for.

Author's Space:

Hello! This is my First Upload Ever,been using this Website for years as a Guest but decided to join to share with you my Main Warrior and Proud and Joy... Karuran!
I've wanted to give him this look ever since i first saw the concept art of Rytlock,six years ago.. when i was 13 years old (now i'm almost 20,wow time flies!)
I'm proud of myself,that after six years,i've reached my goal (without even realizing it :P)
Through the years me and my main have gone through some very tough things,both outside the game and inside. I grew up and so did Karuran. Changing Armors.. Weapons.. Receiving Legendary Weapons such as Caladbolg or Sohothin...
I wanted to symbolize this change by creating a Story (quite a clichè one i know,but i like it!) by linking all these pieces together.

Head - Magnus's Left Eye Patch - Full Black /// Runic Slayer Helm - Dye 1: Pitch, Dye 2: Black, Dye 3: Graphite, Dye 4: Abyss /// Gaze of The Khan-Ur - Dye 1: Pitch, Dye 2: Black, Dye 3: Graphite, Dye 4: Blood
Shoulders - Ebon Pauldrons - Dye 1: Blood, Dye 2: Graphite, Dye 3: Black
Chest - Primeval Warplate - Dye 1: Graphite, Dye 2: Graphite, Dye 3: Pitch
Gloves - Dreadnought Fists - Dye 1: Ash, Dye 2: Pitch
Leggings - Dreadnought Tassets - Dye 1: Ash, Dye 2: Blood, Dye 3: Pitch
Boots - Vigil's Honor Greaves - Dye 1: Gray, Dye 2: Graphite ////// Warlord's Wargreaves - Dye 1: Ash, Dye 2: Ash, Dye 3: Pitch, Dye 4: Pitch
Back - Black Citadel Engine ///// Prince Rurik's Vanguard Cape - Dye 1: Scarlet, Dye 2: Blood, Dye 3: Scarlet, Dye 4: Blood

- Machined Greatsword
- Machined Longbow
- Machined Rifle
- Machined Shield
- Machined Dagger
- Machined Axe
- Bloodletter
- Fiery Dragon Sword
- Flamebelcher
- Flame Spear
- Claw of The Khan - Ur
- The Predator
- Voice of Metal

Other Weapons Used:
- Caladbolg Orchida
- Jormag's Breath
- Perfected Rifle
- War God's Greatsword
- Legionnaire Weapons
- Blood Legion Shield
- War God's Weapons
- Molten Speargun
- Molten Harpoon

Other Equipment Used:
- Warband T1 Charr Cultural Armor set
- Dreadnought T3 Charr Cultural Armor set
- Air-Filtration Device
- Heavy Houndskin Mantle
- Draconic Gauntlets
- Grasping Dead Legguards
- Blood Legion Backpack
- Fires of Balthazar
- Recruit's Wing of War
- Banner of the Blood Legion
- Sport Sunglasses
- Iron Legion Backpack
- Legion Jetpack
- Citadel Assault Pack


Fashion Guru
Such a great screens :3 The backstory is soooo long, and although it's kinda rewrite of the game's default story, I like the changes you made in it to make it your own. And welcome to the site! ^.^
2020-02-05 0:44

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