Rata Sum Marksman

By Mgeni Forgehunter on January 30th, 2020
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Silver
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Hello and meet Muskott!

I've been having a lot of difficulty trying to pin down a look from him since creating him. I've been trying a lot of different "techy" themes trying to hammer out a proper Rata Sum marksman look, but not sure I've come up with anything satisfying.

The look I started with is based around the Arcane Rifle and magitech helmet, and used a lot of silvers and blues to hammer in the asuran theme.

If anyone has any suggestions on dyes or pieces I'd love some help!

Since it wont let me add his armor:
Magitech Helmet> Dye1:Charred, Dye2: Golden Sheen, Dye3: Dry Silver, Dye4 Oasis
Auxiliary Powered Epaulets: Dye1Golden Lion Dye2: Charred
Auxilary Powered Coat: Dye1: Shadow Blue Dye2: Charred
Prototype Gloves: Dye1: Glossy Black Dye2:Golden Sheen Dye3:Charred
Magitech Leggings: Dye1:Charred Dye2:Glossy Black Dye3: Goleden Sheen
Magitech Boots: Dye1:Glossy Black Dye2:Golden Sheen Dye3:Murky Grey


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