White Demon *

By Lemmina on January 28th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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*well, she was always a pale one. ^^

Some childhood memories of my Necromancer. (Not really childfriendly though ^^)


Where is Melea? Usually the old bandit came to her in the evenings at this time, to give her some food. A piece of bread, sometimes a potato.
But now it had been days since the little girl saw her, and she was awfully hungry.
It also had been some time, since she last saw her friend Quinn. Presumably this Pete had hired him as messenger boy again.
So she waited a bit longer. Or... should she try to steal something at the market? What if someone catches her? Would the Seraph throw her into a cell?
But maybe... there could be others like Melea. Maybe someone would be nice enough to share his food with her?

A man passed by the shabby alley, where she made her little camp. He slowly moved closer, a disgusting grin forming on his face.
"Look what we have there. What's a cute little thing like you doing all alone in the streets? Nobody there who cares for you, huh...?"
She tried to make herself smaller, to vanish, but before that, his big, dirty hand closed around her neck. All fighting him seemed to be in vain.
He was so much bigger and stronger than her, and she started to feel dizzy. She couldn't do anything against it, when the Man began to open his pants.
But there she saw it. The dagger the man had on his belt. She grabbed it in a panic, pulled it upwards along the body of the man, and rammed it into the head.
The lifeless body of his fell onto her, and she couldn't free herself from him. But right then, she heard Quinns panicked voice: "Gwynnith! What...?" He pulled her out of the pool of blood and dragged her away. Together they ran as far as they could.

Since Melea never came back again, even more men tried to do her harm, until... they didn't anymore. Rumors went around Divinity's Reach. Rumors about a white Demon, who comes out at night and kills men who try to do immoral things...

When you see them, the simple, ragged clothes, memories of her simple origin. The torn apart chains, symbols to how she freed herself of her miserable fate.
The demon-like horns and leathery wings, born out of her wrath against them, who want to do evil. Then you know, the white demon came to get you.


Edit: Since it seems not possible to specify the armor right now, i do it here.

Head: Dragon Horns, colour: old Jeans

Shoulders: Acolyte Mantle, colours: Eternal Ice, White, White

Chest: Lunatic Acolyte Coat, colours: White, Eternal Ice, Shadow Abyss

Hands: Shackles of Madness, colours: Burnished Steel, Grave

Legs: Elegy Breeches, colours: Eternal Ice, Graphite, Silver Satin

Shoes: Aprentice Shoes, colours: Eternal Ice, Frost

Back: Scaled Dragon Wings

Weapons: Aureate Dirk (Dagger), Improvised Dagger (Dagger - obviously ^^)


I like it :)
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Thank you! :)
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