The RAT-Catcher

By ieva on January 18th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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He clenched his fists, but that was the only thing he could do at the moment. The tiredness became more and more unbearable with the hours. He longed for rest and sleep. An endless sleep with endless dreams.
But something was driving him on, preventing him from giving up.
In one hand he held a threatening stick. His hawk's eyes watched suspiciously the surroundings. Everywhere, behind every bush, behind every leaf, an enemy might be lurking. Every step had to be considered, every hand movement carefully planned.

Nobody knows his origin. Some say he comes from a the Mists. Others disagree, claiming that he is a guest from unreachable Cantha. No one knows his true name. Perhaps this is inspired by the three golden rats that he always carries with him, tied to his back. Are these mysterious weapons or maybe a talisman? But they call him the Rat-Catcher
I wanted to use new Lucky Rat Lantern and have created a mysterious staff fighter that vaguely resembles a samurai.
People who did not belong to the warrior nobility of the Samurai were forbidden to carry weapons in those days. However, since they were often attacked on their travels, they had to develop and master an inconspicuous weapon that was inconspicuous and yet effective. So from now on they carried the Bo as a walking stick on their travels, which could be used as a weapon in combat situations immediately.
Armor is kept black (since it is also about the art of camouflage). Only a few details I emphasized with imperial red and white gold. So it looks like he had the back item tied to his chest with red silk :)
I hope you like him.
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Weapon: DaredevilĀ“s Staff
Back Item: Lucky Rat Lantern


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