Vegara, Raven Shaman

By Milyak on January 14th, 2020
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Just posting here to save the look, I'm happy with it but suggestions are welcome. I am aware of the "too black" dye problem, but it's fine by me. Might put up a fleshed out descritpion later.

I'll add armors and weapons in due place when I can, for now it seems bugged:

-Raven's Helm (Midnight Ice, Iron, Brass);
-Raven's Mantle (Midnight Ice, Iron, Brass);
-Tribal Vestments (Midnight Purple, Indigo, Ancient Silver);
-Arms of Koda (Violet Tint, Midnight Purple, Midnight Ice);
-Tribal Leggings (Arrogance, Marine, Marine);
-Path of Koda (Violet Tint, Midnight Purple, Midnight Ice);

Weapons :
-Dark Harvest;
-Tribal Axe;
-Raven's Eye;
-Accursed Chains;

Back Item:
Prize of the Boneskinner

(Some armor has changed since the first few screens, no need to comment on that)


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