Fire and Ice Nekro, Reaper (Armor in the description)

By TGandalfT on January 12th, 2020
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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This is my first upload here, and my favourite outfit so far :D

It is a Fire and Ice Reaper with different looks that depends on which weapon you are using. The Greatsword has no footsteps because it is no legendary, but i think it fits best in here. The horn and axe do have footsteps and an aura and they look really great with that style :)

As I cannot add armor, weapons and dyes into the build:

Warbeast Cowl
Exalted Shoulders
Spearmarshal's Vestments
Profane Gloves
Apprentice Pants
Mist Shard Walkers

Frostfire Glider

The greatsword is "Volcanus", the axe is "Frostfang" and the horn is "Howler".

I do not have a back-item here but you can take whatever you think might fit.

The armor is fully dyed in "Shadow Abyss", except the Shoulders. Here are the two smaller parts "Powder Blue". The Glider's "upper" part is "Destroyer Orange" and the "lower" part is "Electro Blue".

The Greatsword has the infernal infusion and the orange Polyluminescent Undulating Infusion. The axe and horn got the Winter's Heart Infusion and the Snow Diamond Infusion.

It is a bit expensive but if you got the gold then why don't you try it?


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