The stranded SWASHBUKLER

By ieva on December 5th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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Suddenly the hull of the reef came loose, turned like a top a gyro, shot into the depth, was thrown up again, turned in the air and crashed back to the surface of the sea bursting.
I was grabbed by a gush of water, swirled around, dragged along and literally flushed out of the cabin. I found myself again in the boiling sea amidst splintered yards and planks, and I had trouble not getting killed by one of those pieces of wood.
Only now did I feel the icy cold of the water. But the exhaustion that surrounded me was so strong that I threatened to fall asleep. The fear of it made me bite my lips. I rubbed my eyes, which were already burning from the salt. But the weakness became bigger and bigger. As I drove my right hand over my head, I felt a burning pain. And then, when I came before my eyes with my hand, I saw the blood on my finger. But already the next wave had washed it away.
Somewhere there should be the coast!
The storm still did not abate. The same wind that had smashed our ship now drove me towards the saving coast. A hurricane in these latitudes! There would be no such thing, the captain had still said when the storm had begun. The captain should know better now. But he had taken this knowledge with him into his wet grave...

This is my Story
Output for this look was ritualist staff. Already at staff appearance in the shop (a few months ago) I found the staff super, but was too stingy to spend 700 Gems. Now I unlocked it with black lion figures and also implemented my styling idea.
No voodoo, no witchcraft... But a somewhat crazy stranded pirate. Matching it I found Zephyr backpack, a kind of tied duffel bag, where she stows her stuff and saved things. In addition a barrel with rum. And the parrot in a cage, which originally served as a souvenir and proof to the sailors who came home to show where they had been in the world. The Olmakhan Mantle fits quite well to the staff. And to complement the turquoise accents, I used Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves.
With this styling as a ranger you could use Storm Bow. Unfortunately this is only available as a longbow version and can't be used with a thief. Currently I have Pirate Needler.
I hope you have some fun with my swashbukler...
Weapon: Ritualist Staff


baba yaga
I love your idea. Especially because the staff with leather armor looks so different (as you write, when this staff sees, usually expects a witch outfit).
2019-12-05 17:22

I'm glad you like that. Thanks for gold :)
2019-12-05 20:32 in reply to baba yaga