The secrets of the RAVENS

By ieva on November 26th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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I can feel Raven's presence so strongly here in Bjora Marches.
I don't know how or when these lenses were created, but it's clear they're very old. Several centuries, at least. They seem to react to the Raven shrines scattered around the wilds, revealing passageways and providing protection from the cold. The other day, the lens I was carrying even showed me an echo from the recent past, involving a norn patrol. I think it was teaching me how to use it.
I have theories about these lenses I'll never be able to prove. The things it can do-protect, teach, reveal-lead me to believe Raven bestowed them on our ancestors to defend against attackers. Maybe even Jormag specifically. I think that's why they're making an appearance again now. Raven wants us to fight back. To take down the fraenir and free the region.
I like winter areas, I love Norn and for a long time I feel attracted to ravens... So the new map is made especially for me. At the moment I don't have much time, but yesterday I played new LS until late at night and "had to" make a new look for my Norn Ranger.

When I presented Shaman of the RAVEN SPIRIT, there were some comments that ravens are black :) So this time I tried a raven in black. This also fits the mood on new map. For armor I used Shadow Blue and Abyssal Sea Dye, because even real raven feathers shimmer blue green.
The metal parts on head armor are complemented by chest armor. Instead of the Nightmare Court gloves you could also use Councvil Watch Gloves, but I found them more beautiful. I didn't want to turn my character into a black spot, so I decided to show some skin when choosing a leg dress. As for boots, there's not so much choice, WvW boots or Nightmare Court came into question. Through the dark color and material properties, the stockings of leg dress armor merge with boots and that looks like she's wearing overknees.
I didn't want to overload my look, so I use Black Feather Wings only as a glider and not as a back item.
That's how my raven shaman was created in Bjora Marches in search of secrets. I hope you like them.
Weapon: Restored Boreal Staff


I like the theme, especially with the black glider wings! I was going to ask why you don't have any Falconer's armor pieces, but then I saw you're a norn.
2019-12-30 12:03