The Anti-Paladin

By Mortrialus on November 23rd, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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Good got you down? Try this for evil!

The Anti-Paladin represents everything that is mean, low and despicable in the human race. No act of treachery is too base, no deed of violence too vile for him. Thoughtless cruelty, sheer depravity and senseless bloodshed are his hallmarks: Chaotic and Evil deeds are, in fact, his very lifeblood.

Recognizing an Anti-Paladin should be fairly easy. Perhaps it’s his preference for black: black horse, black armor, black sword; or his grim, skull-shaped keep-raised in black basalt or gleaming obsidian—looming ominously against a gray, brooding sky on some chilly, windswept mountaintop

Maybe it’s the company he keeps: brigands, thieves and assassins if they’re human; orcs, ogres, hobgoblins and trolls if they’re not!

Or it could be his low, nasty, blood-chilling laugh when he has the party in his clutches; the thin, black mustache—carefully waxed and curled—whose ends he twists as he considers the hero's fate.


What started as an attempt to make an Arthas Cosplay with light armor morphed into it's own kind of thing. I'm also really happy with the new helm and backpack and helm, especially the backpack as a lot of the more necromancer ones were kind of clashing with the icy death scheme I was otherwise going for with this character.

The description comes from Dragon Magazine's article on the Anti-Paladin NPC.


really cool dark look!!! i've been trying to make the scourge shoulder armor work on my characters for a while but have yet to make it work, but your anti-paladin wears it so well!!
2019-11-24 21:45

Fashion Guru
I like that (although for my taste too much material mix: head and back item of horn, shoulder - bone, gloves - ice)
2019-11-28 6:58