Dark Fairy Maleficent ~ morv

By morv on November 1st, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
Vote Breakdown
12 3
2 0
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"Maleficent" tells the previously unknown story of the evil witch Malefiz from the cartoon classic "Sleeping Beauty" (1959) and reveals how she could become so hard-hearted and evil that she curses the baby Aurora: The idyllic life of the beautiful and innocent young Maleficent suddenly changes one day when she becomes the victim of an unscrupulous betrayal that turns her pure heart into stone. In her quest for revenge, she embarks on a massive battle with the successor of the occupying king and finally curses his newborn child Aurora. As the child grows, however, Maleficent realizes that Aurora is not only the key to peace in the kingdom, but perhaps even the key to Maleficent's own happiness...

I hope you like my new Cosplay ( I know it's been done many times before.)


Fashion Guru
You are really a Master of this look cosplays :) Amazing job as usual.
2019-11-02 9:15

Fashion Guru
Thank u, egon :)
2019-11-02 11:01 in reply to Egon

I am Elf
2019-12-26 10:37