Happy Halloween!

By Lemmina on October 31st, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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Halloween! The happiest time of the year for us Necromancer!

So today, even though there will be a lot of Halloween-Outfits out there by now, i wanna show you mine too.

No long Halloween story from me now, but a bit of an explanation why it looks like that.

It all started with the Sceletal-wings. I really, really love them. :D And i also love the color Abyssal Forest. Sooo, a good time to combine the two of them.
For chest and legs i wanted something that looks old, used, something on that line, and so i went with Bounty Hunter's Vestments and Funerary Pants. Especially the Funerary Pants with their bandages fit well in my opinion. To add a little more glow, and also because they have a bandage-look like chest and legs, i used the Foefire Wraps and Foefire Greaves. The last thing i needet was a llittle more glow for the head. I liked the Enchanted Dragon Crown the most.

My weapons of choice are Envoy Scythe and Seven Reapers Greatsword. Because you can never have enough greatswords. ^^


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