By Caleb_Aurion on October 12th, 2019
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
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Have you ever stopped to appreciate the people behind the scenes? The person who, just as an example, manages coordination across the entire gate system with no assistance from those old buffoons on the council? Not that I’m bitter.
Who manages krew schedules? Me. Who draws up the maintenance schedule? Me. Who keeps the spinning plates of the entire Tyrian economy in the air? Me me me.
You’d think that someone would come by at some point and say “Thank you Sylpaa” “We couldn’t do it without you Sylpaa, you’re such a genius” but no all I ever hear are complaints when things aren’t working.
I really thought it’d be different when I went to work with my old college friend Varr. He called me in for a second opinion on an arcane model he’d been working up with a progeny named Taimi. I swear he must have a Skritt’s brain because he was trying to balance the magical power of a dead god and two dead dragons. Honestly, who in their right mind would try and mix those things together? It’d be like blending Choya juice and Chak acid with Ebon Hawk siege grog and calling it a health drink.
Now I’m cleaning up Commander Bookah’s messes, doing my best at balancing an arcane equation that, if wrong, will lead to the destruction of the entire planet and what do I hear? The Arcane Council complaining about how I left without notice. I swear they’re about as useful as a multitool without a spanner. Maybe I’ll get a footnote in a priory history book one day….


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