Honor Individualized

By BaneBlutschuld on October 6th, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Heavy
Color: Grey
Vote Breakdown
2 5
0 1
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The honor is everything for a Charr! Glory goes above and beyond, driving a Charr ahead! Honor to his Legion! Honor for the Charr! This Charr named Bane's Bloodlust, is on the never-ending task of upholding the Charr's honor! The most dangerous missions are mastered with his faithful Greatsword Eisenbestie, sometimes with a lot of sweat and blood! But that's what drives a Charr!---------------------------------I wanted to portray a slightly different Charr with this skin and give it an individual look. With the brown and gray tones, I wanted to bring neutrality, regardless of which legion he comes from. I find the armor parts fit together well and make a meaningful and yet realistic picture. I hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment there! Honor for the Charr!


Fashion Guru
Nice job here. I like the natural look you reached. Those Ebon shoulders fit 100%! They almost look like they're a part of the chestpiece and they give this look something extra. I like the mint green dye scent you combined well. I'd like to see more screens and you should fill out the dye list. Not bad in overall :)
2019-10-06 11:07

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
haha didnt expect u to show it here :D
looking like a true charr!
Glad u like the dye setup ;)
abit better screenshots next time
i'll explain u how to do it ingame.
2019-10-06 11:49

Deathblade Kenny
Fashion Guru
oh btw add the dyes in the dye section
2019-10-06 12:47

Fashion Guru
I agree with both of them, it's a pretty good start here. Solid silver
2019-10-06 21:44

Great job. A lot of time and thought gone into this.
2019-10-10 10:58