Spirit of the Forest (DRUID Exam)

By ieva on September 23rd, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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To be divine is to realize that we are all one. That the self is an illusion. Through this do you understand your own immortality. Through this are you freed from the illusions of the flesh.________________________________________________________________________ Ancient Druid Spirit

The druids were originally humans that originated from Kryta. After centuries of living in the Maguuma Jungle, they had undergone a ritual to shed their human form and become more in tune with nature, taking on a treant-like appearance of willowhearts. In time, they shed these forms too, becoming arboreal spirits so as to better protect the land. Guarded by treants, they fell to slumber within the depths of the jungle only to be awakened when it is in peril. The druids remain capable of returning to their treant bodies, though this must be done via a ritual.

Ritual to summon a druid
We're renewed by the waters. We're unchanged by the waters.
Time does not go forward nor back. Time is a lens of perception.
The mind sees the truth the eye cannot see.
All that exists is all that has to be.
The field of fog enveloped her face, the entire body, making only the outlines visible. She looked at the vine stick. The branches hid the runes almost completely. The smooth surface looked dull. If she was lucky, no one would pay attention to the staff. If the staff was taken away from her, she would have to retrieve it later. She couldn't bear that thought. On the other hand she could not change it at the moment. She had to hope that she would pass the exam.
So she took a deep breath and looked at the waiting druids. "I'm ready," she shouted, hoping her voice would sound brave.

With their styling I wanted to create something different Druid look: without Druid's Shoulderguards, without Soulbeast Pads and without Yggdrasil, because that's almost always used in connection with Druid.
With my Spirit of the Forest I tried to create a light-footed, fairy-like creature that fuses with fog and bioluminescent glowing weapons. That's a few weeks old character, but I added screens from new map because the mood was so perfect there.
I already used the hairstyle for two of my characters and am fascinated again, because the "normal" headgear looks completely different.
I hope you like my Spirit of the Forest.
Weapons: Dragonhunter's Longbow* Bioluminescent Staff & Bioluminescent Torch
Griffon Hatchling Backpack


Nice character. She's so lovely.
2019-09-29 12:13