Pact Commander Hadi The Edgemaster

By Hadi The Edgemaster on September 20th, 2019
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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Intro: (Extra screenshots added to explain character lore)-

Hadi The Edgemaster is potentially the most skilled fighter in Tyria, she has mastered every fighting style and weapon specialty perfectly. Hadi also possess a seemingly eternal lifetime, and as such has been in countless battles. The Edgemaster has a mysterious past; she is renowned for her skill with various weapons, and her past and real name are known only to herself.

1326 AE - She lead the battle to Zhaitan and defeated the Undead Elder dragon with another commander known as Asa the Firstborn. During a brief moment of victory; Hadi had an existential crisis which lead her to find a Legendary weapon known as Eternity.

-The story of Hadi the Edgemaster: ( )

With the help of a Stone Dwarf known as Ogden Stonehealer; she was gifted a scroll that would lead her to the Legendary blade, at the sacrifice of something most treasured to her. She peered into the very fabric of the universe known as the Eternal Alchemy which had gifted her Eternity at the loss of her vision.

During Hadi's absence, a mysterious person known as Scarlett Briar had appeared with unknown intentions. She proceeded to awaken the ley-lines beneath Tyria. This action in turn had awoken the Elder dragon Mordremoth.

1328 AE- Hadi reappeared on a majestic beast known as a Griffon and fought the Mouth of Mordremoth outside, while Asa the Firstborn kept Mordremoth occupied in the mind through a technique performed by Trahearne.

-Heart of Thorns: ( )

1329 AE- Asa the Firstborn and Hadi the Edgemaster reunite to find out they both have a mysterious connection to the newly birthed Scion known as Aurene. During this time Asa the Firstborn goes off to track down Braham who is seeking vengeance against the Elder dragon Jormag and infuses his bow with a flame powerful enough to pierce Jormags invulnerable body. During this time Asa is forced to find Braham and the new "Destiny's Edge" to calm him down from awakening Jormag.

1330 AE- The White Mantle are wiped out. Lazarus the Dire is revived and destroyed by Livia. The Elder dragons Jormag and Primordus return to dormant status. Balthazar wages war against Kralkatorrik in the Crystal Desert before his ultimate death. Along with the rebirth of a long Undead Lich known as Palawa Joko. After discovering that Balthazar escaped from the Mist, Rytlock explained that Sohothin's blade was rekindled by the powers of the God of War; which Hadi used to vanquish Balthazar from the world during the conflict in the Crystal Desert. After Balthazar was defeated, Kralkatorrik and Aurene naturally absorbed the magic. Kralkatorrik begun his reign of terror shortly after. Palawa Joko released the scarab plague throughout the Crystal Desert in hopes to spread throughout Tyria but was swiftly cut down by Hadi and ultimately eaten by Aurene, absorbing his undead magic.

-Path of Fire:

1331 AE- Aurene has a premonition of a future battle with Kralkatorrik that she can not win. Aurene is slain in the process trying to confront the Elder dragon. The Pact accepts defeat. Hadi slowly regains her once thought permanently loss vision. Many believe it may have been her connection with Aurene that restored her vision. Eternity absorbs some of the energy released by Aurene's death and forges into a new blade known as Exordium. Exordium can change form depending on the users situation.

-All or Nothing:

1332 AE- After some time, the Pact has given up and all is lost... a glimmer of hope sparkles from Aurene's crystallized body after being defeated by Kralkatorrik and she is able to break free with the help of the Commander's powerful connection. After a long and strenuous battle with the Elder dragon Kralkatorrik, and the forging of new dragon's blood weapons, Hadi and Aurene ventured forth to the heart of Kralkatorrik to vanquish the dragon. This resulted in Aurene replacing Kralkatorrik as an Elder dragon to keep the flow of magic balanced throughout Tyria.

-War Eternal:

Full Tales of Tyria Roleplay can be found here:


baba yaga
I already wrote a review for your presentation once. You tend to extremes. With some characters you don't even write 2 sentences, here again no story but epic has become. That's nice (I even watched 2 of your videos), but I think you missed the target. Exactly the same with your armor. On 2 screens I see armor that you want to present (?), on others hardly anything to see of your asura (those are rather panorama pictures) and it wears completely different armor parts (in between still picture of your sylvari, which is mentioned in Story, but does not find really suitable).
I don't know how to rate this presentation. For story I can give you gold +, but for the rest of the presentation I lack a uniform concept.
You made a lot of effort this time and therefore I don't want to give you a bad rating and just leave without voting.
2019-09-21 16:34