The Scourge of Ascalon

By Sammyjoe on September 19th, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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Super stoked on how my Scourge turned out! The new Ebon Epaulets are by far my favorite piece of armor thus far... totally worth the 200g I paid for them!
Some people like backstories so here you go:
Nightmares... every night, when will they stop? Whispers of death and suffering from the unknown. As a cub in the Fahrar I thought it was normal to have these almost every night. Maybe it was due to missing my sire and dam... maybe because I felt alone... I never talked to anyone about them because we are Charr and nothing gets us down, we're bred for war not feelings and weakness.
As I grew older, wiser and more haunted I finally left the Fahrar to explore. I formed a warband we could stop anything thrown at us, we were young but hungry for battle. When my warband was too blood hungry with no plan of action, sloppy, we were slaughtered in Ascalon with only me and my closest friend Clawspur surviving. This only added to the nightmares. Screams of my fallen comrades blaming me for their deaths as if their spirits were possessed. But in the screams... a whisper. "Quell your nightmares, Grenth's Door." Dhuum. This rising threat in the mists was the source of my problems, years of anguish and suffering from these nightmares... no more... it's time to end this. I will turn this to my favor learn how to control these shades and ghosts for a greater good. give them another purpose, save Tyria. Save Ascalon. I am the Scourge of Ascalon... I am Charr...
Hope you guys liked this super thrilled on my look :D Let me know what you think!


Fashion Guru
This armor combo is really masterpiece, love the shoulders :) I like the decent dyes and cool hairstyle. Also, the facemask is cool. The backstory is really thrilling.... Gold ;-)
2019-09-19 12:43