HEADBANGING in Grothmar Valley

By ieva on September 18th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Black
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2 0
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You can say it confidently: the metal scene is a male domain. In the past there were hardly any pure female metal bands or lead singers. Nowadays it's a bit different and women dare to enter the stage as front-women, like a singer from Kodasch.
She is a bundle of energy and can really let off steam in the metal scene. She can also use her powerful voice very well at live events.
The guitar queen was recently discovered. Performances with well-known metal bands as well as with the Charr Metal Band. The exceptional guitarist has already offered a lot. At a concert in Grothmar Valley she played music from the Charr Metal Band with at least the same power as the masters themselves. This woman is a magician and belongs among the great guitarists.
Metal fans will hear a lot more from the pretty singer and guitarist.

After Heavy-Metal has produced the most different subgenres, it is not surprising that the associated fashion may not resist this richness of variations. Among the typical clothes of the scene, which were already present at the beginning, are the band shirt, studded belts or bracelets, long worn hair and leather clothing. Leather and jeans are typical of the classic scene, with black and blue dominating the clothing style. Jewellery is usually worn in the form of silver rings or pendants. Often the jewellery represents skulls, swords, weapons and dangerous animals or refers to Indian, religious, mythological or occult symbols.
I've been thinking about making a rock star for a while now. And I'm glad that I waited, because ANet has not only provided Orchestral Weapons, but now also Microphone (Voice of Metal). Plus a nice story with Charr Band live concert. Yesterday I unlocked all skins and emote again with WvW Reward Track and today I present my Heavy Metal guitarist. But as inspiration I had video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWCTlxEp6Ds) from WvW Kodasch even before ANet Charr introduced Band :)
First I thought about which class would be best for my metal guitarist. Since I wanted to use microphone (warhorn) and GS, I had a choice between warrior, ranger and necromancer. I tried different "heavy metal" styling for all classes and decided to use Ranger (maybe post another class at some point). First I gave her Sport Sunglasses... by chance I tried Mask of the Jubilee. Thanks to her hairstyle you can't see the tips of Mask and it looks like Corpsepaint, a face painting that is common in the black metal subculture.
I hope you can really rock out here :)
Weapons: Voice of Metal & Orchestral Greatsword + Orchestral Short Bow
On some pictures you can see Sport Sunglasses (dye sand shark)


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Wow! I love this!
2019-09-18 18:29

Very Clever!
2019-09-18 23:31

OMG i am in love with this Style!
2019-09-19 0:55

Thanks for great feedback!
2019-09-19 2:08

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Haha, great job. I really love the outfit and your screens!well done!
2019-09-19 2:13

Thank you morv :)
2019-09-19 5:40 in reply to morv

Too much fun :)
2019-09-19 10:44

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So good!
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