Queen of CHESS

By ieva on September 3rd, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Black
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10 1
2 0
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She had just won the chess tournament in Garden of Seborhin in her Elonian homeland. Then the superstar looked to the ground as if she was uncomfortable talking about her chess game. In response to the remark that she tended more and more to sacrifice peasants, she answered with a long "yes". It sounded as if a little girl had been caught in a prank.
But it wasn't a prank, it was the new tactic of perhaps the best chess player in history. Her triumph in Garden of Seborhin was her seventh tournament victory in a row. Since winning the world championship in lightning chess, the Vabbi girl has won all the tournaments she has competed in, including the prestigious tournament in Crystal Desert. She has been undefeated for around 70 classic games in a row...
The WvW weapons are decorated with chessboard patterns. So I tried to create a black and white look, which repeats at least vague chessboard patterns in my character armor. There is not much choice. The Aristocrat's Pants is not one of my favorite armor pieces. But I took them because of rhombic patterns on the leg. They can be nice black and white colored and the rhombuses repeat themselves on chest part quilted seams. I used small gold details and guild emblem (as crown, which symbolizes chessman king) to loosen up my styling. The name chess originally comes from Persian language (and means king), so I decided to wear turban as headgear.

I hope you like my idea of chess queen.
Weapon: Slumbering Obsidian Staff


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