Eternal Mist Walker

By Jestersan on August 6th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Blue
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3 4
2 0
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I didn't remember how I entered into the Mist, and neither who I was before that. At first I was afraid. What's happening? I one moment you are over a flying island, then you do some steps and you are in ancient ruins. You never know what to expect, and you are not alone there. Strange noises, phantoms, echoes of ancient times repeating over and over again forever; dimensional rifts that can send you anywhere What is the real world and what is not? Maybe everything, maybe none of them. so you need to learn to survive. Becoming what in Tyria is called Revenant. Sometimes one of these rifts sends me to a land called Tyria, there are so many problems there but is better than wandering in the Mist. But for how long? Is Tyria real? How can I know. Maybe is just another time repeating for eternity in the Mist. Someone told me about Fractals in Lion's Arch. Maybe that little person called Dessa can explains me something.


Hi! I wanted to create a good look for a Revenant who is wandering the Mist, so she uses what she can. For the dyes I had been inspired by the Heart of the Mist and Ascalon Ruins colour palette which are pure Mist. I think that i have achieved that "mystical knight" (not pun intended) look. If you have any recomendations I want to know. For weapons I am using Weaver's Sword from Elementalist Specialization.


Fashion Guru
I like this. It definitely gives off the revenant vibe, and the mix of traditional armor and sylvari-themed armor works surprisingly well together. The dyes are mellow, but avoid being too one-note.

You have a great array of screenshots, though I feel they're a bit more focused on the backgrounds than your style. Those can be really cool, but I'd like to see more emphasis on the outfit here and there.

Fractals are a really cool way to establish a revenant, too! I'm definitely intrigued to this character's story.

Altogether, I'd give this gold!
2019-08-07 9:25

Thanks, I have taken your recommendation and uploaded some screenshots and improved the description.
2019-08-08 14:11 in reply to Chiorydax

I've looked at several screens of your characters. They are varied and rich and I also find one or the other nice idea/implementation (like here with Bandit). But in general the pictures are too restless (too much background which "swallows" your character). Therefore I would advise you to pay attention to light conditions and to use zoom (here a little more about it: ). I also noticed - you somehow have a preference for sitting, kneeling character. This is not a good position for screens! If you absolutely want to show something like that (supports your picture story etc.), I would recommend that another player does the screens (he have a better perspective than yourself). Also there are a lot of emotes that look more beautiful than sitting down...
2019-08-09 4:36

Mista Fashionista
The character looks ok. I definitely see a theme. The only thing that doesn't go well for me are the weaver swords. Doesn't match the whole mysterious, dark, spiky vibe. The screenshots can be better too. The lighting isn't that great and some backgrounds blend with your character so it doesn't stand out.
2019-08-12 6:23

Fashion Guru
If you get the Exalted shoulder piece I think that would be a grand addition to this look. Granted it's a BLC item so it's not an easy get but it is something to strive for I think. Also, I think the Warp Blade (the Weaver Ascended weapon) would look better than the Weaver sword.

Outside of that, I like the look. Gold.
2019-08-15 8:50

Odinson the 9th
looks ominous, love the mist theme, but can be improved in some areas
2019-08-25 4:48