brilliant Valkyrie

By Darky on July 30th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Gold
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5 0
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my personal Goddess of Light ;p

.... It may be that some weapons etc are still missing here?! o.Ô


Mista Fashionista
the screenshots are too heavily edited. can't really see the character clearly. usually when you have exalted shoulders, adding a backpiece would be too much. doesn't make sense to have the exalted tentacles and also wings. foefire wraps and dominator weapon don't match the rest of the theme.
2019-08-12 6:51

Thx for your comment, but I think it's a matter of personal taste. ;)
If you don't like it, it's your justified opinion, but generally claim that doesn't make sense is a bit far-fetched.
2019-08-19 14:54