By ieva on July 27th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Brown
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I'm an alchemist. Exactly - professor of alchemy. And yes, of course there are real quacks. Especially in Elona alchemy is a popular scam to take money out of rich contemporaries. Anyone who claims to be able to convert base metal into gold and then "show off" the whole thing with a little fuss and tricks of the hand could often secure a lucrative position as a court alchemist - at least until the fraud was discovered.

The letter from Councillor Phlunt made me think like every time. I didn't know how often I had held it in my hands and read it. Fourteen times since he had arrived almost three weeks ago. He, the dean of the College of Synergetics, urged me to come. To teach members of this College.
My gaze wandered through the room and stopped at one of the shelves packed with books. They weren't meticulously sorted by alphabet or by author - strictly speaking, they weren't sorted at all, but I knew that there were two books among them that meant more to me than all the others combined. The first was called Aurora and the second - Vision.
I packed Gift of Prescience, Visions of Jahai, Updated Record of Joko's Deeds and other items I needed in my backpack. To make my dream come true, I have to accept Councillor Phlunt's invitation and travel to Tyria. I said goodbye with my wife and little daughter and set off...

This is my Story
When I got some new items (like Glowing Purple Mask, Sword Old Ascalon and Holographic Bard), I wanted to create a new look to match. Glowing eyes, transparent weapons gave me the idea to try with a mysterious scholar, an alchemist. So I chose almost typical scholars outfit in restrained colors, set some accents matching the purple mask. Backpack fits to an inventor, alchemist and I find him pretty, I don't know why he is so rarely used...
So have fun. I hope you like my alchemy professor.

Weapons: Old Ascalon & Holographic Bard * Lyssas Gaze
Accessory: Aurora


Deathblade Kenny
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This is your best post.
very good screenshots!
the character itselves is awesome i love the way he looks. his face and hair style is so unique and different to what im used to see on humans. i love the whole idea i just disagree with the weapon choice. it doesn't really convince me for this theme of the look but still a gold for everything (;
2019-07-27 21:00

Thank you!
2019-08-02 6:54 in reply to Deathblade Kenny