Logans Assistant

By Lemmina on July 27th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Red
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Thalia sighs. "Again?" With a loud bang, she let the pile of documents she was carrying, fall on to the overfilled desk.
Logan awoke with a scared "I'm awake! I'm awake!" out of his sleep, and searched for his quill in a hurry.
"Do you know what time it is, Marshal?"
"Aah... well..." He looked at his watch. "08:45 o'clock?!"
"You really should sleep in your bed from time to time, not on your desk. You only crease important documents - and get a crooked back."
"I would. But there are so much reports left to read and sign. Bills of stocks to pay... all the reparations and maintenances... and then i have to organize and file it all. And don't forget all the daily matters that pile up and ..." Logan looked at the mountain Thalia just brought him, "... pile up more, since i don't get to finish all the stuff that came before." He let his head fall on to the desk again.
"If i may submit a proposal: Why don't you hire youself an Assistant, which helps you with all the documents? Then you would have more time for your other liabilities."
Suddenly, Logan was wide awake: "Damn it! I totally forgot i have to examine the new recuits at nine!" He jumped up quickly to leave for the training grounds, but Thalia pushed him right back to his chair.
"Now, we do it this way..." She took out a scroll. "This is the agreement that makes me your assistant. You sign here. I allowed myself to implement the date and my signature beforehand, to get it done more quickly. Then you will eat your breakfast, and afterwards you go back home to sleep. Please don't force me to drag you through half of Lionsarch to get you to bed."
Logans jaw fell open, but he was unable to refuse since she took him totally by surprise. "In the meantime i will examine the recruits, and start to organize the files."
With a lot of rustling and jingling, Thalia searched through her bags. "Quills... Ink... no, not in here... Grenades... Turrets... Oh! Look at that! The mechanical cat i invented when i started to go to school!"
"How in this world does it all fit in your tiny bags?"
"Isn't it ovious, Marshal? Thanks to integrated and patented pocket dimensions, the bags are bigger on the inside. You don't need any ridiculously big bags anymore, and spare your power, but have enough space in your bags to fit everything impotant in."
"Oooh, with this, couldn't you...?"
"No. Too expensive. Ah, there it is. Catch!"
A little cube shaped object flew in Logans hands. "What is this?"
"Your breakfast obviously. We talked about it, remember? First breakfast, then you go to sleep. Come back when you have rested enough."
"Isn't it... a little bit too small?" A second cube flew. "How... am i supposed to eat this? And WHAT am i even eating?"
Thalia twisted her eyes. "The first cube contains 2 Thuna-Egg-Sandwiches, the second contains 2 Cheese-Cress-Sandwiches. Dip it in water for 10 seconds, let it set for 60 seconds, push the button to open the cube, then let them unfold for 30 seconds. and then you get your perfect rehydrated sandwiches."
While looking at Logan, who suspiciously inspected the cubes, a smile flew over her lips. "I will go to see the recruits now."
"Alright, see you later." Now he smiled too. "Don't be too strict to them."


So, this time you see my engineer. For years, i just clothed her more or less randomly, because i never had a really good picture of her in my head, of what a person she might be. But a few days ago, i finally had a scene in my head, that wanted to get on virtual paper.
I hope you enjoy :)


Fashion Guru
Super funny story and some nice screens in it... Unfortunately not a single one with Logan, although the story revolves around him (the guy is photogenic or not?). And you forgot weapons ;)
2019-07-30 18:37

Thanks, and nope, didn't forgot the weapons. But i guess she doesn't need one sitting at the desk. ;)
2019-07-31 3:12 in reply to Frans