Largos Noble

By Lemmina on July 16th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Heavy
Color: Black
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It's been a while! :D
Since i had to play the travel guide for my parents for a few weeks, there was no time for more posts... but, here i am again. ^^

So, this weeks outfit is a Largos style outfit. Why?
Well this Charakter you see here was designed to be a noble. So the last years, she always wore some armor that was based on some more elegant heavy armor, and the colours where chosen to fit around gold. But that bored me by now, and i thought it would be time to make her appearance darker.

Since i have those Largos Backpack and Glider for not that long, i only had one time an outfit based on Largos, and that was a light armor one. Also, i really like them as a race. There is so much we don't know, and i really hope we get to know them better - maybe in the next expansion...? :D
So this one shall look like i imagine a Largos noble. When i think of an underwater Largos-City, i have a picture in mind of a city under some kind of air-filled dome. Dark, and somehow slightly futuristic... But i'm drifting away. x)

I made a lot of notices, to figure out a way, to bring my thoughts to this outfit in an understandable order, and i hope it works out well.

Let's begin with some general stuff:
- the Largos we know all have some sort of gray hair, but i thought, since they are an underwater living race, somehow blue hair would do too. Also, i figured some fancy updo has no sense while fighting underwater. So i choosed a simpler style.
- also she got a new eyecolour fitting her new haircolour.
- i changed her skincolour too, to a cooler, slightly bluish colour.

Now for my armorchoice:
- It's based around the legs. Since the Zodiac Legplates are the best, and easiest way to get your skin even more blue, they where an nearly obvious choice. Also, they are not overly spikey or something, which fits since i wanted some more dark, but even though somehow elegant armor.
- I used the Air-Filtration Device for the head, because there is nothing else that looks like some kind of aquabreather besides this whole-head thing - and that's ugly. ^^ And for underwater i use the Rime-Rimmed Mariner's Rebreather because i think the effekt of it fits a race, living in deep cool waters best.
- The rest was just chosen to fit to the legs and one another. I didn't use the Zodiac chestpiece, because i thought it looks too naked for a noble. But i wanted some more blue on the chestpiece to make it look like skin. Now her breasts look a little naked anyways, but... not as naked as with the Zodiac thing. :D

And we move on to my colourchoices:
- So, since Largos are generally not the colourfullest people, my char couldn't look like a clown, or stand out that much. But i wanted at least a little bit of something. I tried some golden details, but wasn't satisfied with the outcome. Another problem was, that the golden colours i tried, looked different on other armorpieces. That goes for grave too. It looked to bright on the shoes, so i had to use another colour.
- I decided on Grave and Enamelded Crimson to be the main colours, because i wanted to create a used-look of the armor, since i assume that armors age faster under water. And they both make nice patterns.
- For the blue on the chestpiece i used differend shades of blue, depending on the lighting. In the screenshots i use Frostbite Blue/Electro Blue and Core Ice. Celestial blue could have been a thing, but it's not affordable for me currently.


Whoops, seems there is a limit to how much you can write... so here is the rest:

Now, last but not least, the weapons:
- My weapons of choice for the above-water weapons would have been the Abaddon Weapons. Buuut... money and stuff. So i went for the second best. I would have liked Exitare as greatsword, but it's not ready yet. So Visiospei has to do it. I choose the Noble Ascalonian Longbow because of the blue effect at night.
- i didn't wanted to use the orrian or, pirate weapons because of their lack of elegance, even though u see other Largos running with orrian weapons. But i think the Pact Weapons fit really well.

I hope i didn't forget something. x)
2019-07-16 14:44

Odinson the 9th
i like the Largos
2019-08-25 4:57

Thank you. :)
2019-08-26 8:40 in reply to Odinson the 9th