Sif, the Exiled

By Endo on July 8th, 2019
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: Blue
Vote Breakdown
5 2
2 0
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Simple and clean, this is Sif.


Aldon Vinetwig
Oh I love this look :) I like the darker horns with the lighter fur colour too. Really good use of some of the simpler armour pieces. Welcome to the community!
2019-07-08 18:53

Fashion Guru
I think it's good that you used that big sword and Favor of the Colossus. Unfortunately the axe doesn't fit at all. Color scheme is ok, but your back item is not tuned either. Pictures for first try are quite good. I would advise you to change settings under Options in the future (zoom, proximity, distance and maybe even graphic settings while you are doing screens). Since you didn't write anything about your character (or armor mix), I can only rate description with 0.
So my total rating is only enough for weak silver...
2019-07-09 6:18

Fashion Guru
Oh, that's kinda unique armor mix! Love the combo. Those horns are something special, combined with the white fur. I'd like to see some diversity in screenies and as said by Frans, some description would be fine :)
2019-07-09 13:06

Looks really great
2019-07-13 9:27