By ieva on June 30th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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The world is devastated, the undead, the mutants, the autonomous golems of Inquest have taken over the rule of the globe.
Had she really made the right decision? She knew that what she was doing was outrageous for a Norn. She has entrenched herself in Kinar Fort, a small fortress that Charr built back then.
From her supposedly safe bunkers she tries to save what is left of humanity. But how long can she hold out when the apocalypse breaks over her day after day?

_______________Day 6
Sudden comprehension overwhelmed me, and in the thunderous tumult of the bursting rock it was impossible for me to tell whether the cry that was ringing in my ears was really my own.
I lost my Pet. I am all alone. The only survivor?
_______________Day 13
The last news I heard was about strange phenomena in the big cities. Apparently there have even been cases of cannibalism. The shit is steaming. Everyone is going crazy.
_______________Day 33
During a quick walk around the property I saw that the metal fence is not nearly high enough. Any athletic guy could easily skip it. I smashed a few bottles and glued the shards to the fence with the help of cement binder. That makes the climbing at least more difficult.
_______________Day 50
When I peered through the branches, I could hardly recognize anything at first, but suddenly a shape appeared just a few steps away, enormous and terrifying. The creature was bigger than a norn, the head had something predatory about it, and its crooked canines were high above its mouth. I had never seen such a creature before, but from the books I knew it had to be a mutant.
The emptiness in my stomach increased to dull pain when I saw a big hawkeye griffon near him. My dinner?.. In a wild vortex hissingly exposed canines and rapaciously stretched out claws of this mutant I clasped and swung my improvised sword and then buried myself in the massive body of the griffon.
_______________Day 66
There was a constant hammering in my head, and colorful circles danced like mad before my eyes. Waves of pain flooded it with every step, and from the bloody furrows a disgusting, yellowish-green slimy liquid gushed out and flowed down the swollen jaw. But I was "home" again, if you can call this little fort that.
_______________Day 100
I finally managed to fix the old charr assault roller. It's loud and draws too much attention, but now I can expand my explorations. Yesterday on my patrol I found an Inquest member in remote Charr Fort. In cage... and still alive. The fort seems to be abandoned. Should I have pity? I hardly have anything to eat myself.

That's a few pages from a diary
When I made my presentation about Twisted Sylvari, I thought for a moment: what if Scarlet Briar had been able to realize her plans? Maybe some kind of apocalypse in GW2 world...
A little steampunk and some trashy dress mix. As the only memory of old times she wears Predatory Shoulderpad. With this look I tried to capture some of Mad Max's mood. I "gave" her a few scratches and scars on her face, plus a new hairstyle that matches this look.
During photo shooting as I roamed the area, I discovered an Ogre NPC scratching his chest. That fascinated me (as if he were covering a wound with his hand). So I had the idea to abuse him as a mutant :) It took me a while to get a couple of matching screens, but they seem convincing, don't they?
I hope you like my lonely and somewhat lost Norn Ranger.
Weapon: Improvised Greatsword and Environmental weapons


Fashion Guru
Beautiful screens, very original theme and implementation with ogre mutant and asura in cage ;)
2019-07-01 11:05

I'm glad, that you even like imprisoned Asura^^
2019-07-01 15:16 in reply to Frans

I like how this feels like part of the game
2019-07-08 9:38

Fashion Collector
Been lurking on all your recent looks and theyre very imaginative. Great screenshots. Makes me want to start doing looks :D this one is badass
2019-07-15 7:46

Thank you for praise!
It's good if I could inspire you for new looks. You have some pretty characters, it would be time for you to get active :)
2019-07-20 3:57 in reply to Beckie93