Ylva Morven

By Lemmina on June 29th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Grey
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Another week, another projekt. \o/

She is just a few months old yet, and not one of main charakters, but back then, i suddenly had this idea and background for an new character in mind, and had to creat it. Most of my characters don't have a background story, just my mains.
This one's a little darker... ^^ I hope my translation is not that bad... ;_;
So, here it is:

Could they make it out of it alive?

Even though he wore thick Dolyak-clothes, Eidarr barely could feel his hands and feet. Everything ached. His legs grew heavier and heavier. The other two hunters, who accompanied him, couldn't feel any better. They marched in this blizzard for to long now.
He had seen, and survived countless storms in his long life. But this one felt like sworn by Jormag himself. Maybe the time had come to settle in a cozy homestead.

The warm glow of a campfire.
Now, the wish for warmth let him loose his mind. Great. “Look, there!”, suddenly one of his companions shouted. His gaze followed the streched out arm. Maybe he didn't turn crazy? His other companion already ran as fast the terrain would let him. The other two followed him close.

There she was, the saving cave, the tempting glow of the fire – and a pack of wolves. The 3 huntsman stood like petrified. Would it be their deaths anyways? They readied their weapons. Then, there was a little shape that began to move. With the fire in the back of the shape, they couldn't say, who or what came for them. Then they saw it was a little Norngirl, maybe 7 winters old at the most, that walked to them. Her hair was tangled and grey like the fur of the wolves at the caves entrance. With her green piercingly eyes, she was staring at the huntsmen.

While the girl walked towards them, she turned herself into a wolf, and growled something into the wolves direction. Thereupon the wolves made room and spread out into the cave and to the campfire. The girl turned back into a Norn and signaled the hunters to follow her. But, was it really a good idea? They followed anyways, the warmth of the campfire was too tempting. Their cold, tired bones yearned for the warmth.

In the back of the cave they saw, that there was no ordinary campfire burning. A lesser Fireelemental was dancing to the movements of the hands of the little girl.
“Maybe i AM crazy.” Eidarr mumbled.


Mostly in especially frost plaqued nights Ylva wished the 3 hunters had never found her.
The pack took her in, when nobody else did. Everytime there was someone, she could cuddle up to, who gave her warmth and secureness. Everytime there was someone who played and scuffled with her.

She struggled, but the men where to strong. Maybe they thought they would do something good to her, bringing her to Hoelbrak. Maybe they thought she was lost and lonely, and her parents where searching for her.
But they robbed her off her family, and since then, she just wished she could see them again.


Since that's her background story, i am going all out with the wolve theme on her. And that includes grey-white clothes.
The shoulders and chest are the same like at the beginning. For her, i wanted something with mostly Norn-themed clothes. First i gave her the Sheepskin Leggins, because they fitted out of the 3 cultural legpieces the most. BUT even though, i don't like that thing and wasn't happy with it.
So, since that i am overhauling some of my characters right now ( i do that about 1 to 2 times a year with my normal characters, but my mains, especially my Necro, get more changes. ), i thought “screw this”, and changed into something less norny, but something better looking.
I'm not sure it's perfect yet, but i think the Leystone Pants aren't that bad. I like the design in general, and the pockets are quite nice for adventurers.
Because there are bad things happening with the gloves (because of the chestpiece they all, well most of them, look like cut off especially at the right wrist), i endet up with the Profane Gloves. They look a little bit like claws, and well ... wolves... claws... could use worse things. :D
Maybe i will change the Zodiac Light Shoes to the Carapace Shoes sometime. I like them both.
Her old daggers were the Soulbeast's Daggers. I choose them because of the animal-shaped knobs, even though they aren't wolves. Now, i choose the new Bioluminescent Dagger, because first: i really like the design, and second: it gives the outfit some more color and glow. Otherwise i think there would be missing something.
I tried to implement some green, fitting her eyes, but wasn't satisfied with the outcome. There was one green, that fitted her eyes pretty good, but it was waaay to expensive. ;_; That's when i decided to go with something blue rather than green, and the Bioluminescent Daggers.
That goes for the Headpiece too. A little touch of color and shiny.

Ooof, that was a long one. :D I hope i didn't forget something. ^^

Edit: The shoulder piece is the Houndskin Mantle, and the colors are eternal ice – violet tint – electro blue. This site seems not to know it.


Fashion Guru
I like your norn. Very nice story you wrote. Too bad you didn't try to tell the story with pictures. There are so many wolves, hunters, caves, fireplaces, even Fireelemental as mini-pet and or Norn Elite Become the Wolf, which could complement your beautiful story. Instead you make screens with Shrine to Jora, Grawl and Dredge.
2019-06-30 4:38

The screens are more telling the story after the story above. Her search for the cave where she lived when she was little. But, as you see, she only found Dredge and Grawl.
The screens at the Jora statue are just in addition to the ones in the character selection, to see the outfit in another lighting.
I actually wanted some screens with a fireelemental, but somehow, i simply forgot when taking them.
2019-06-30 8:29 in reply to Frans

Fashion Collector
I like her (if the screens fit the story, of course would be beneficial).
2019-07-18 6:29