The TWISTED Sylvari

By ieva on June 28th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Gold
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"I don't know what the world will be when I'm through, but I will very much enjoy finding out. Empires will fall, continents will burn, and when the conflagration is over, I'll be there to put my stamp on whatever new world this one becomes."
_______________________________________________________________________ Scarlet Briar

I learned a lot from the master necromancer of my people, but what she had to offer was too simple: summon the dead, exercise power over lost souls, and deprive my opponents of their life force. This could not satisfy my hunger for metallic shine, energy of arcane probabilities of synergy. So I decided to go out into the world to find something capable of it. In College of Dynamics (is an Asuran scientific society) I had finally found a subject that was as boundless as my interest in it. In the pursuit of hidden knowledge and secret mechanisms derived in equal parts from the contemplation of the ephemeral and the application of the practical I travelled to Divinity's Reach, where I saw the wonderful watchknights and tried to get audience with Queen Jennah. She thought I was second Scarlet Briar's and had me arrested...
When I was in the jail, I first heard the story (hidden in the Grove) about Scarlet. After my discharge, I got Scarlet Briar's Journal and greedily read all about Twisted Watchworks, mechanical constructs created by Scarlet Briar, using stolen watchknight technology.

I tracked Scarlet's trail to Lornar Pass, Scarlet's Secret Lair, where I easily cracked the hologram hiding the entrance. And, oh wonder, there I found the Twisted Marionette's weapon design is on the wall above Scarlet's Lockbox. I could see how it was constructed and was sure I could rebuild it if necessary. I was so close to my goal... So I made my way back to Salvageable Twisted Watchwork Scrap, Watchwork Code Fragment and Salvageable Aetherized Metal Scrap. Then followed a lot of work with the smallest parts. I developed Twisted Watchwork Moa, where system architecture consists of six subsystems. These modules do not form a simple chain from the sensory inputs to the reactions. They stand in different, partly mutual interrelations to each other. The six components are: the low-level feature extraction system, the high-level perception system, the attention system, the motivation system, the behavior system and the motor system. The motivation system has two subsystems, namely the homeostatic system and the emotional system. The motor system contains three subsystems: the vocal system, the system for facial and body positions and the orientation system for head and eyes.

"Technical innovations are a motor of history. Innovator and inventors often have no idea of the far-reaching consequences of their ideas."
_________________________________________________________________________ This is from me

Another cosplay character. A Sylvari, shielded from the outside world, she lives in a remote valley on Caledon Forest, whose naïve and childish inhabitants literally take modern technology for devilish stuff.
Profane pants is an issue in itself. Usually this is abused for hottie, playboy bunny look. I always wanted to assign a different role to the pants. When I then cobined with Mist Shard Walkers, I had Twisted Marionette Vision. The problem area for this look is the shoulder. As you can see on screens, I tried different variations. Unfortunately all look good only as long as you stand still... As soon as you move, clipping errors appear. As a second problematic part I can mention headgear. For light armour there is nothing steampunk. From style Top Hat would fit, but that has nothing to do with my puppet. So I used Inquest Circlets (if someone has useful shoulder/head armor ideas, I'd love to listen).
During photoshooting I tried to imitate Watchknight poses. I hope you have fun watching Twisted Sylvari :)
Weapon: Shiny Staff
In collaboration with morv ( as Watchknight


Fashion Guru
You always have cool ideas. I love that ;)
And the pictures with the watchknight and "your twin" are very good (I don't think you can get more similarity with existing armor). Gold!
2019-06-30 4:21

Thank you!
2019-06-30 11:52 in reply to Frans

You matching screenshot idea is awesome, the look is unique and very well done. :D
2019-07-08 9:50