Flashed by Neon Green (the IT-GIRL)

By ieva on June 23rd, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Green
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Champagne flows in streams, the heels are higher than a piccolo bottle of sparkling wine, girls in expensive dresses dance frolicsomely and wag their designer handbag...
This is no extraordinary party, but everyday life for many young women from Crystal Oasis. They are it girls. Their life consists of attending as many parties as possible, being present everywhere and becoming famous as a result...

Everything about her looks casually elegant, the wide skirt, the jacket with metallic ornaments, the way she speaks. This is how you imagine a cool Amnoon Partygirl. She used to be when she went around the houses with her friends and dated Prince of Vabbi. Kas (as she is called) is no longer just a model and eternal heroine of Fashions Weeks - she is much more an influencer, style icon and popular testimonial. Renowned fashion photographers want to work with her, designers enmesh her so that she carries her designs and ennobles the brand to a musthave. And she doesn't let herself be talked into her style or her decisions. And she drives more than well with it. We met her in Divinity's Reach for an interview about radiance and embarrassing selfies.

- They obviously have a lot of fun at our shooting...
Yes, I'm dressed rather comfortably in everyday life. But all the more I love to style myself properly. Clothing has an enormous influence on how you feel.
- Your ultimate look?
I like to combine contrasts, for example elegant parts to a rocky bag... And why wear grey to grey sky? From now on, the highlighter is my shining model for style. As you can see, I am flashed with neon green.
- How do you deal with criticism? Especially because social media is constantly compared and evaluated...
Fortunately, comments and bad press disturb me less and less. After all, I would go crazy if I took it all to heart.
_________________________________________________________________________ Interview: "The Twins Reporters" from DR

This is my Story (*inspired by "handbag" - Keepsake Focus Skin). Last but not least steampunk bag (https://i.imgur.com/w0eKJov.jpg) by my good friend also played a role...
That's once again fun cosplay character. It's all about "handbag" (Keepsake Focus Skin) and a bit fresher it-girl theme, which actually fits well on this fashion page. As the title already says, everything matches the trend colour neon green and the colour of the weapons.
I had a lot of fun during the photo shoot (and I tried to make "real" model poses), I hope you can see it :)
Weapons: Keepsake Focus + Keepsake Scepter & Keepsake Staff


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