Elonian Adventure

By Lemmina on June 22nd, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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This weekend, i wanna show you my Ranger.

For quite some months, she was wearing the Requiem Armor. Before that, she wore the Funerary Jerkin, and in the beginning, i wanted to go back to that. But as you can see, i endet up with something totally different. :D

For the colors, i stayed with earthy/copper tones, which fit with the desert theme. I wish the headpiece could be dyed a tad more. Then i could have given the pattern another color.
And this time, yeah, i really used some shoulder pieces. :D I really like the simple, but not boring Elegy Chestguard, because of the many details. AND it's not an ordinary trenchcoat. There are too many of them, and some of them look really alike. So i'm happy for every medium chest piece, that's a little bit different from the ordinary.
Even though i didn't end up with the Funerary Jerkin, i used the Funerary Weapons. They are my favourite desert weapons, and fit in color scheme. Plus, the sandy stuff when they are drawn, and the purple light, give it a nice touch i think.

My favourite pet is the Sandlion, but i can't choose him here to be shown under the main image, that goes for the weapons too.


Aldon Vinetwig
Gold from me! I love the simplicity and natural colours. Great screens too!
2019-06-22 20:22

Thank you! ^.^
2019-06-23 0:48 in reply to Aldon Vinetwig

A nice character!
2019-06-28 0:20