By ieva on June 19th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Armor: Light
Color: White
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3 0
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___________________It would seem that if jinn are to be encountered anywhere, it would be in a remote and lonely spot, far from human habitation. But there are plenty of such places in Domain of Vabbi alone.
I'm a jinn researcher (or rather) a small cheater, Mesmer, master of mirage. I weave deception magic that tries to confuse, disorient and amaze my enemies. With one hand movement, I can destroy my own illusions to achieve even more special effects.
When I found a small brass bottle at the ruins and inserted it, I had no idea what I was getting into with it. How could I know that the bottle is inhabited by a jinn?
Before I continue however I’d like to give a warning. Jinn, like other spiritual entities need to be communicated with care. They can grant you what you want, but be careful what you ask for. Jinn are notorious pranksters, you might get what you want, but in a way you really would rather not have it…You have been warned. With that said, let us go deeper into the world of the Jinn
A genie in bottles who must serve people just because he has been freed from them?
WRONG - all wrong!
As a greeting he refuses to recite the saying traditionally expected from jinn ("Your wish is my command."), because it is absolutely out of fashion.
Very probably the next bad surprise will follow: the jinn either doesn't listen, it behaves differently than it should, it screws up the wishes despite best intentions or it suffers from other malfunctions.
The relevant part of the story is quickly summarized: the heroes have lost their way in the desert and put their hope in a magic lamp. The jinn appears, is asked to transport the heroes from the desert to a less hostile place, fulfils the wish only for long, annoying negotiations and turns out to be a useless charlatan.

This is my Story
I've been thinking for a while what to do with these weird Weaver's Antipodes... Then I had a jinn idea. Since the gloves provide for two different effects, I decided to keep the rest of the armor a bit more monotonous and to support the glow of the gloves only with weapons. If I have to be honest, I couldn't decide what looks better: black or white (somehow I like both variants the same).
I'm curious to see which one is your favorite.
After what class/build you play, I can also introduce Elemental Sword, Icy/Fiery Blade Axe, Emberspire. If you like infusions, maybe Koda's Warmth Enrichment and Ghostly Infusion would also be interesting...
Torch: Sunspear Firelight


Wow... Can I just say that this is one of the most original looks I have seen around here? Damn, he looks great in white! (in black too, but white just takes the gold medal)
All is perfection to me, dyes, weapon choice, theme, screenshots... everything.
2019-06-19 14:52

I'm glad you like that. Thanks for gold :)
2019-06-20 7:10 in reply to sevencat

Fashion Guru
Very cool look. And I love these shoes (only that takes forever until I have done all the Achievements...).
To answer your question - I like both, but choose black as my favorite
2019-06-21 19:35

I always have many Potions of WvW Rewards that I use to unlock different items. I guess that's faster than doing Achievements :)
And thank you for compliment!
2019-06-22 7:21 in reply to Frans

Fashion Guru
Lol ( I hadn't thought about that at all...). Thx!
2019-06-23 8:14 in reply to ieva

Fashion Collector
I say white...
2019-10-07 14:16