Little cliche Mesmer

By Lemmina on June 16th, 2019
Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: Purple
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So, hands up everyone who hasn't that one pink cliche mesmer on his account. :D
With the new skyscale skin it was time to give it a new cotton candy look, and polish up my mesmer a little bit too. :)

Let's start with the head. I didn't use an extra headpiece, because the accessiore of the hairstyle could go as a headpiece too.
I use the Tempest's Loop as shoulder piece.
The chest piece is the Acolyte Coat, and the leg piece is the Winged Pants.
I used the Winged Gloves for the Hands.
Since i find feet really disgusting, and Asura feet are no exception, i searched for shoes which cover the feet completely. Thus, i used the Mist Shard Walkers.
I had 3 options for the backpack. The Wings of Dwayna, the Crystalline Wings, and the Golden Feather Wings Backpack. As you can see, i endet up with the Golden Feathers, because imo it fits the most.
The Glider is the Etherbound Glider.
As weapons i used the Alchemist Greatsword, and i would have used the Alchemist Swords as second set too, but since i'm working on Exordium, i have not much spare gold. :D So i used the Dragonsblood Swords, since they are at least a little pink.

I'm sorry there are not much fighting screenshots again, but i really suck at taking them. I always die before having the right angle and stuff. x) Oh, and i am terrible at english grammar as you can see - so sorry for that too. :D


If I could pinch her cheeks, I would. Freakin' adorable asura you have, there. I think that, in this case, the Dragonsblood swords fit really well. They're about the right proportion for her, too.
2019-06-16 17:08

Fashion Guru
As for Asura feet/shoes, I agree. I also find it horrible when the toes "look" out of the side of the shoe.
Because of your back item I have some doubts - maybe Etherbound (just like gliders) fit better.
And another remark about pictures - under options you can find some camera settings (Field of View , Vertical Position Near/Far etc.).
And at the end one more question: was pink on sale? Well, find your Asura quite cute and give to you silver
2019-06-16 19:03

Thank you!
2019-06-17 3:40 in reply to mkene

The Etherbound fits Asuras, but i don't like the clunky design it has when you use it as a back pack. Thank you for the tip with the options. I mostly work with zooming or use the terrain to get nearer. Next time, i will play a little more in the options then.
And well, she is meant to look cliche pink mesmery, so it was clear that there would be a lot of pink involved. ^^
And thanks for silver!
2019-06-17 3:47 in reply to Frans

I don't have anything to say about Asuras and I don't rate them.
I can only give advice for "fighting screenshots". As mentioned before, use option settings! Also with options there are "Key-mappings" and there you should assign a key with camera settings "Look Behind" (normal is unassigned). And if you have chosen someone for your fight and normally only use skill 1, you can now use the assigned "Look Behind" key and any movement key (W-S-Q-E-A-D) at the same time. That's it (just don't forget to press print screen key).
2019-06-17 8:21

I like the character!
2019-06-28 0:33