The first court GARDENER

By ieva on June 16th, 2019
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Armor: Medium
Color: Multi
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She was sitting on the bench under her window, with a cup of tea next to her. On her lap she held a sealed letter, the seal of which had broken in several places. The rain came to its end; it was still very warm, but not quite as stuffy as before. Breathing began to ease again, the moisture began to disappear from the air. The birds sang as if the garden belonged to them. Something always bloomed here. In recent years she had often had to shake her head unbelievably when she had once again discovered a new flower that seemed to heal into her exaggerated opulence for attention. But she admitted to herself only too gladly that she liked this natural pompousness, very much so. But she could remember the exotic names very well, quite contrary to the old gardener. Her botanical knowledge amazed him again and again. His ignorance did not stop him from enjoying the sensual scent and the fireworks of colours. But he was old and she applied for his job - as the first court gardener at Royal Palace. Her training could hardly have been more focused. At the instigation of a mentor, she received a higher education from a botany professor, after which she completed an apprenticeship as a gardener. Now she has worked for so long as a gardener in the Queen's court garden under the direction of an old man who had no fresh ideas...
She put the letter aside and looked at the blue Butterflies, which eagerly toiled with the feathery ball blossoms.

She drove up from her dreams when the old gardener approached her. For about three or four years, her boss had been coming by regularly for a cup of tea in the morning, if his work allowed it.
"Wonderful day today. How made to dream, isn't it?"
When he saw her flinch, he apologized immediately: "Sorry, I didn't want to scare her."
She shook her head and pointed to the place next to her.
She breathed violently and reached for a letter with royal seals. Then she smiled at the old gardener to dispel her embarrassment. Her tongue was so dry she couldn't have talked. And yet, she must.
"I don't want to be her garden servant anymore. I applied for her position as the first court gardener at the queen..."

This is my Story
The Defiant Glass weapons are reminiscent of lead glass windows. New Blossoming Mist Shard Chestguard is also filled with crystals. And is quite well supported by Sylvari cultural armor parts (shoulder and trousers). In addition Glacial Gauntlets and somewhat simpler shoes / hat, which provides for something equilibrium. The colours on the armour correspond to the weapon colours.
I found this very fitting to the Central Plaza, the big garden and the orrery in the direct center of Divinity's Reach, within the Upper City.
Castles, gardens, city parks - the sylvari garden architect has the greenest thumb in the Grove. She stages gardens like a flowering work of art. Even in Divinity's Reach, and at the Royal Palace :) I hope you like them.
Weapons: Defiant Glass Longbow & Defiant Glass Greatsword


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