The Return of the WEREWOLF?

By ieva on June 10th, 2019
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Armor: Medium
Color: Brown
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A cruel murder shocks a small Lornar's Pass community. While camping at False Lake, a family was brutally murdered and only the mother survived the incredible massacre of her husband and daughter. The victims were bitten several times and were literally torn to shreds. The alleged perpetrator: A huge, heavily hairy man with a skull mask, who seems to be mentally retarded. Although a dark secret surrounds him, his defense counsel does not want to believe in her client's guilt. However, during medical tests he gets completely out of control and leaves a bloody battlefield behind. Does he now fulfill the ancient family legend of the return of the werewolf?
This is my Story
The Bounty Hunter's Mask is so rarely used, although it is quite interesting. I thought that was a pity and tried to connect some outfit to it. One armor part came to another and a beast man was born. I also gave him a bow with a skull to complete the look. So many bones/skulls must leave bloody battlefield. Since it is a Norn, I used its elite Wolf form to write a little story.
So my werewolf has seen daylight, I hope you like that.
Weapon: Great Capra


Fashion Guru
really nice idea and screens
2019-06-10 15:20

Thanks a lot!
2019-06-10 17:42 in reply to morv

Fashion Collector
I really like the idea, also the screenshots are somehow telling your story and thats pretty cool :D

Not the biggest fan of that hat but other than that, great job!
2019-06-15 17:23

Thank you!
2019-06-15 21:35 in reply to nilox

Great Idea!
2019-07-12 8:53

You think that's great and you forgive me bronze... Does not fit together, but ok ;)
2019-07-12 8:59 in reply to tadula