End of an adventure

By Lemmina on June 9th, 2019
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Armor: Light
Color: White
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6 0
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What does a hero do, when he (or she) has just defeated a terryfing, threatening and world ending enemy?
Well, in her case it's putting on some really shiny clothes to celebrate the victory. Revisiting and ponder about all the stuff that happend the last months. And finally get some vacation, to regain energy, and be ready for the next adventure.

My goal was, to create a look that's worthy for a "Knight in shiny armor"(or at least dress :D), but without the eyeburning and hectic stuff like aurora or other infusions.
I used Wreath of Cooperation for the head, no shown shoulders, Phoenix Vest, Chaos Gloves, Thiumphant Hero's Leggins and Sorcerer's Shoes. The weapons are the Bifrost and Chaos Greatsword. The back item is Light of Dwayna.
This time, i was going for a mostly white armor, but you could dye some details in Sandstorm to match the back item.
I tried with some in-fight-screenshots too, but the white stuff doesn't matches the skilleffects of the Necromancer that well, and most of the screenshots in the Reaper's Shroud ended crappy too, so i didn't add them. ^^
And now that i think about it: Wouldn't it be nice, if there where bikini's too in the game? On the other hand... we have enough of these how-naked-and-sl*tty-can-it-get chars.


Fashion Guru
I guess there was white dye in the clearance sale ;)
2019-06-10 14:27

Who told you that? :P
2019-06-10 14:30